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Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Leah's Luck, Part Two
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after "Leah's Luck, Part One" ( )
Location: LTjg Richards' Quarters

Leah was left with quite a problem. Where does one hide fifty or more robots where a thorough search wouldn't uncover them? And they had to be hid quickly, too.

As our heroine tried to figure out this dilemma, the med team came back towards her quarters with the female AMO.

So far the only idea that had occurred to her was the mattress. ~Ok. . . mattress it is.~ Leah shoved the laundry off her mattress in order to rip the seam open and hide the bots inside it. Hopefully, no one would sit down ... some of the botlets were fairly ... sharp looking. "Bob - come out here."

A pile rustled, moved a few inches forward, and Bob emerged.

"Good - here, we gotta rip this open so you can all hide waaaaay out of sight, get it?" She tugged at the mattress as an example.

Bob reached out with his claw head to mimic Leah and began to rip along the mattress.

Leah nodded at Bob's pantomime. "Right - helping would be nice." His claw would no doubt rip better than her fingers were managing. The mattress was surprisingly sturdy.

Bob stepped up his pace and the stuffing flew out in a cloud, as the med team arrived outside her quarters.

Of course, Bob tended to over do things now and then. "Whoa, whoa! That's enough!" Leah would prefer to still HAVE a mattress when this was done. Sooner or later she'd need to sleep. "Ok - get everyone in and sit still, ok?"

Bob nodded his "head" and corralled little ones into mattress. Then he jumped in, creating a very conspicuous lump.

~Phew!~ Leah hastily tucked the ripped mattress fabric back in and shoved some laundry back over the top. With any luck this would be enough.

She stepped back to survey their work. "You're too tall Bob - duck, ok?" As soon as she said it she hoped he wouldn't start quacking. That would be a tip off.

Bob hastily flattened himself out. The lump went less lumpy.

Her intercom rang. +Decom team. We're back to finish your quarters,+ the deep and annoyed voice of the first AMO sounded again over the intercom.

Leah dumped a bit more clothes on the 'lump' and hissed to the bots, "Don't move!" To the waiting decom team she answered, "Ok. C'mon in!" She stayed next to the bed, her fingers crossed behind her back.

"Okay, I'll have the boys turn their backs and finish the scans. That all right with you?" the leader of the med team asked as he entered the quarters.

Leah held back laughter. ~If only privacy was all I had to worry about...~ "Sure, that's fine."

Leah actually felt a bit relieved. At least this time around she knew where the bots were. Hopefully that would prevent any nasty surprises.

The third AMO was the female. She was not sure what to say, as she hadn't come by a modesty issue in a long time. She had found in her short time with Humans that they seemed to have less modesty than other races. Additionally, she had noticed that the subset of Humans known as 'Americans' seemed to have the least modesty of all. "Hello, Lieutenant. I am here to um.. um make you feel more comfortable with the search," she announced.

"Right. I uh... think you just had under the bed left to deal with." Leah hoped the new AMO would finish up quickly.

"Your laundry?" she asked trying to make sure they were both on the same page.

Obviously under the bed was an odd place to leave dirty clothes. Leah fished for a reasonable explanation. "I shoved it under there to uh... get it out of the way." A poor excuse but it would have to do.

"Um, OK," she replied looking very carefully at Richards. There was definitely something odd going on here.

Leah kept chattering despite the scrutiny. "And there's probably some other junk under there..." She bent over to take a look herself. At the moment she wasn't even sure there WAS laundry under there. That would be a tough thing to explain. Luckily ... there WAS some clothing buried back there.

She grabbed a hunk of laundry and other stuff out for the AMO to start examining.

"Um," was all the female AMO could say. She also did not understand the modesty thing especially with Richards' profile, that she had accessed before entering. She would not expect this to be an issue at all from the young rough and tumble security officer.

"OK. I'll scan under the rack (bed) and where else did you put laundry? she asked staring at the odd lump above under the covers.

"Uh... just the stuff on top there." The laundry on the mattress covering the lumpy bots couldn't have been hidden. "But I think they already scanned those..." It was a bit of wishful thinking, but Leah was running out of ideas and she was a bit desperate.

"No. We stopped after we figured out it was laundry and not a body and you were uncomfortable with undie bed, I mean under the bed," the first AMO replied.

Leah scowled and fixed a glare on the offending AMO. "OK. Then scan that too, I guess." She reached over and dumped the laundry on to the floor. Hopefully they wouldn't scrutinize the mattress to closely and any lumps would go unnoticed.

Another botlet clung for its little metal life to one of Leah's garments at an angle only visible to its mistress as she moved the laundry.

"You don't need to stay. I can preserve your um...modesty," she said a bit syrupy. "You are cleared correct?" she asked looking to the med team leader to make certain.

Leah gulped and dropped the botlet and garment onto the bed again. "No, no - I'll wait." She couldn't protect the bots if she wasn't there to watch the search after all.

The first AMO answered, "Yes she has been cleared. No bugs on her. But her other pair of boots showed evidence of the parasites, but she was up on the bridge."

"Eeep!" the botlet said, confused. What was it supposed to do cling or drop and roll? It did not know. It eeped again for more input.

Leah ignored the garment and bot for the moment and dug under the bed again. Hopefully the bot could find its own hiding spot.

"No, it's fine," she continued scanning. "You can go, but you really should clean up in here. I heard rumors of an inspection coming up," she warned Leah.

"Y'know - I'll get on that now, actually." Leah figured it was a convenient excuse for sticking around.

+Bridge to Richards, status report,+ CDR Unstoffe said over the comm system.

"Wait, I have to finish scanning the boot first," she said scanning some more.

~Arg!~ "Excuse me..." Leah mumbled to the AMO team and took a deep breath. +Sorry sir... I'm just finishing a little medical scan here, sir.+ The Cmdr would choose to check in on her now!  Behind her she heard a tricorder begin to beep wildly.

~Now what?!~ She spun around to see what the current crisis could be.

"Whoa!" said the female AMO using a Human exclamation.

Getting a little impatient, LCDR Unstoffe prodded his subordinate for a response, +Leah, what's that noise? Where is "here" exactly?+

The female AMO used a contraption out of a bad sci fi movie and picked up a sock.

+Um... can I get back to you in just a minute - there's a small problem here,+ Leah answered wondering exactly what could be so interesting about a dirty sock. ~ At least I HOPE its a small problem.~

"Very small in diameter ... not small in.. whoa.." the third AMO said, uncharacteristically excited.

"What is it?" Leah asked the AMO forgetting for the moment that Unstoffe was still listening to the whole thing.

+Leah, I don't know what's going on, but the passenger who is our primary mission is AWOL. Whatever else is going on will have to wait. Get up there, NOW!+ CDR Unstoffe ordered over the comms.

Unstoffe's yelling was a swift reminder of priorities. She scowled. +On it, sir.+ She gave the laundry a glare that should have vaporized it. Apparently the coating of dust and dirt protected it from pure wrath though.

"I got one! Maybe we found the source! Has anything from the anomaly come in these quarters?" she asked.

The second AMO backed away a bit creeped out. He tried to unobtrusively check to make sure his suit had no holes.

The first AMO just shook his head at the antics of the second.

"Well, me, ok?!" Which was true - just not all the truth. "I have to go - I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from ... messing around till I'm back." She didn't actually expect them to wait, but it was worth a try. Maybe luck would protect Bob and his kiddies.

The female AMO heard her, but was still scanning. "Can you explain a Human thing to me? Before you go if you don't mind, but I don't want to keep you," she said as if asking a favor.

Leah wonder what a 'human thing' meant. "Um ... what is it?"

"I thought if Humans liked each other, they did not hit each other," the AMO said confused.

~ So they DID talk to Hanson,~ Leah snorted. She was too angry at the moment to think through the possible consequences of her answer. "Not me." Hanson wasn't the first person she'd lost her temper on.

"But the Ensign who came out of your quarters with a broken nose said..." the AMO started to say.

~Uh oh!~  "WHAT did he say?" Leah's hands balled into fists on their own.

"He said that he didn't want to report that you struck him because..." she stopped talking, noticing the fists. She interrupted herself, "Are you prone to violence?" she asked.

She ignored the AMOs second question entirely. "What did he say?" Leah was, however, careful to keep her tone calm this time.

"He said he didn't want to press charges because you liked him," the AMO replied.

She was momentarily too shocked to think, let alone say anything. "He said WHAT?!" ~Now I'm gonna kill him!~

The AMO continued, "...and were upset because he had declined your offer."

Through clenched teeth Leah snarled. "He lied. And I didn't hit him, either. NOW I'm leaving." ~Though not necessarily for Aren's quarters. Hanson can't have gotten too far yet!~ she thought.

"You may leave, but you did hit him," the AMO said.

"Nope. That was the wall." Leah turned to leave, she'd had enough of this.

"Wall?" the female AMO asked. These Humans just did not make any sense.

"Yeah." She paused to point at the blood stain on the wall in question.

The AMO turned to scan the wall. "Explain," she said.

Well, that had to be obvious. Leah shrugged. "My fist never touched him SO, I never hit him." That was the definition of 'hit' after all. "And I really DO need to get back to my job." She stepped backwards toward the exit.

"How did he break his nose?" the AMO asked.

"I ... might have helped propel him into the wall. Slightly. Why?- ya gonna report me?" Leah was too ticked to care what the AMO did at the moment. Besides, when the current crisis was resolved Unstoffe was bound to come down on her for the robots so she was in trouble regardless.

"I will speak again to your young man. For now I must insist that you come to Sickbay to be tested and take anger management classes," she said.

This was getting ridiculous. "What?! No way - I have work to do. You heard the Cmdr before!" Leah was not about to leave active duty voluntarily, certainly not after having only regained the privilege just before.

"After that, I will make sure the CDR frees your schedule so you may come if you need me to..." she started to say.

"I am NOT interested." Leah snapped. "Thanks, but no way." She added sarcastically.

The AMO was not to be put off. "I insist. I will contact CDR Unstoffe..." she said.

"Well, go ahead then! I NEED to go now." Leah backed up all the way to the door, feeling almost trapped. This was getting out of hand.

The AMO paused to consider this. ~Odd. It must be true what the Human male said. Humans often act this way when faced with the truth,~ she thought.

"You may go," she said to the assistant security officer.

"Well, thanks a lot!" Leah snapped and all but bolted from the room.

The AMO just added another note of Leah's emotional state. She was going to log all of this and had many more questions  to ask about Humans when she came back to Sickbay.

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