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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri based on a mini sim

Title: Leah's Luck, Part One
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after " PizzaPIED PIPER, Part Two
Location: LTjg Richards' Quarters

Leah chose to wait for the sounds outside her quarters to pass by before she headed off to finish her actual assignment - the search through Aren's quarters. Now that she had a moment to think through things it occurred to her that ~Maybe I shoulda handled that differently...~

The sounds hadn't moved on, in fact they had been joined by the sound of Hanson's voice. Another bad sign. ~Now what do I do?~

BRRZZST! The buzzer rang to Leah's quarters. A deep voice boomed over the intercom, +Medical... We are here to search your quarters for parasites.+

In the background, muffled laughing was heard ... and it sounded a lot like Hanson.

Leah gulped. The day was turning into a nightmare. She straightened her uniform and hissed at the bots, "Hide!"

Bob, the wayward mini robot, hid quickly. His remaining progeny did not.

Great. Obedience was not genetic. Or programmable or whatever. She resorted to begging. "Shoo! Please?! Bob- get 'em outta here!"

The botlettes loitered, confused by Leah's words. Bob showed his confusion by running in and out and repeating it in a manic manner. Then he figured out that "outta here" meant only one thing- through the door. Therefore, the patinad Papa made a high pitched noise and moved towards the door. The botlettes followed...

"No! no, no, no - Under the bed!" Leah pointed to the proper piece of furniture frantically. Since when did Bob have this much trouble following simple directions? Usually he hid on his own for Pete's sake!

Nightmare? No - out right disaster. "Bob. Get your kids under the bed." Leah was getting desperate. Those guys were not going to wait in the corridor indefinitely.

Bob made another high pitched noise and the baby bots did an "about face," looking suspiciously like the maneuvers learned from Hanson. Bob and the baby bot battalion marched towards the bed

"Anyone there? We are coming in," the deep voice said a bit exasperated over the intercom.

~Phew!~ Leah took a deep breath and turned her attention back to the door and the problem behind it. "Sorry - yeah, come in." Hopefully this would be quick at least.

::Plays paranoid conspiracy music:: The medical team entered. They are donned with protective suits, masks and plenty of gadgetry borrowed from every bad conspiracy movie and show our producers could get their hands on for the right - cheap - price.

Feigning nonchalence Leah asked, "What's going on?"

"We have reports of parasites onboard and are decontaminating the ship and trying to locate the source..." the first AMO said. He was the man who belonged to the deep voice from the intercom. Whoever was in the suit didn't sound like the type to have a sense of humor.

~Uh oh ... they can't mean the robots?!~ Somehow she managed to stay fairly calm. "Uh huh... how long's this gonna take, cause I gotta get goin'" Maybe they'd leave more quickly if they knew she was in a rush.

"No problem. We'll just scan and test you and you can go," he said.

"I'll start on the quarters," the second AMO said to the first.

Well, at least it didn't sound like the robots were the parasites they meant. Although they certainly were acting like parasites of the worst sort! ~That doesn't sound too bad...~ Great. Of course, if it were much more than a superficial scan of the room there might be a problem. At least the clothes provided cover for the bots.

"Sure, go right ahead," he replied to the other AMO.

The second AMO began scanning and looking for traces of parasites while the first spoke with Leah and scanned her.

"What parts of the ship have you been around lately?" he asked.

Leah stayed near the bed, keeping between them and the 'bot's hiding place. "The bridge, mostly." She answered the first medical officer, all the while keeping her eyes on the second one.

"Oh boy! Did you hear that! She was on the bridge!!" he said. "How long ago?" he asked to follow up.

"Good Golly!! Ah just think I found me a match," exclaimed the second AMO at nearly the same time. He made a motion that implied he was taking samples, but it was so small to see one couldn't be sure unless you were right with him.

~Oh boy... my luck is just awful today. Dangit!~ Leah wasn't too surprised at this point. Somedays, nothing went well and this was just one of those days it seemed. "I just came back from there - why?"

"We found evidence of parasites on the bridge. We think something snuck through decontamination back in the wormhole and we are checking everything to see where the parasites came from and where..." he began to explain.

"Oh, yes! It's a match!!" the second exclaimed again.

"Don't be alarmed," the first AMO said unconvincingly to Leah.

"Alarmed?" Leah laughed. ~After my week? Yeah right!~ She tried not to think about Unstoffe's accusations from before. After all, Bob and his wife hadn't gone through decontamination at all.

"They haven't killed anyone - yet," he replied trying not to think about Selar in Sickbay. She might not make it.

She forced herself to stop laughing. "That's good." ~Then again, maybe they'll start with Hanson and save me some trouble.~ It wasn't a kind thought, but it was practical.

"Uh, yes. You look healthy. If you have any of the bugs, uh, parasites we should be able to treat you just fine," he explained as the tricorder beeped wildly as it passed over Leah's right boot.

"I feel fine." She said it a bit defensively. The stupid tricorder went off and she fell silent in surprise.

"That's what Sel . . . uh, sure you do," he tried unsuccessfully to be reassuring again.

Leah scowled. "Are you almost finished yet?" She really didn't have tome to be messing around with this nonsense.

"Please take your boots off," the first AMO asked as the second moved closer to her bed.

She grumbled but kicked her boots off. Fortunately, the socks were the non- embarrassing intact sort without holes. She moved a little closer to the bed herself.

The person scanning the room started at the top of her bed and discovered something large, poorly hidden under the sheets. "Hey what's this?" he asked.

"I've... been busy. Sheesh- it's just dirty clothes, OK?" Like she was the only one with a slight laundry build up!

The man scanned the laundry mound. His scanner beeps wildly. "Wow! I got one!" he exclaimed. It wasn't just a trace of a parasite, but the real squishy squirming thing.

The first AMO had moved on to scan under her bed. His tricorder also beeped wildly.

Leah's hopes fell. No way this was going to end quickly now. ~Oh no.~ "Just more clothes under there." She said a little too quickly. Actually, she wasn't sure what (other than the robots) had accumulated under the bed.

"They burrow into your flesh and may have left traces on your clothing," he tried to explain.

"I'll pull it all out then." Leah knelt and started pulling stuff out by handfuls. The suits they were wearing were a bit cumbersome-surely they'd let her 'help out' and thus give her an opportunity to keep the robots form being discovered. With any luck he'd find whatever the problem was int eh first few handfuls and the bot's could stay out of sight.

Leah spotted a tiny bot clinging to part of the junk out of the corner of her eye. ~Eep!~ She shoved that bit back out of sight hastily but the baby bot hung on tight.

"HUH? Why did you do that?" the first man asked. That was very odd indeed.

"It's um ... undies?" Leah suggested trying to think of a plausible excuse off the top of her head, hopefully that one would keep him from prying too much. She knocked the stuff on the underside of the bed to scrape the bottlette off.

"Oh that is it. I thought you were hiding something ((or several dozens of somethings )) I'll get a female AMO to check. Would that make you feel better?" he asked as he documented and scraped off the probable secretions from her boot.

Leah didn't have to fake relief. "Please, if it's not too much trouble. She figured she could hide the robots a bit better while they went to grab another AMO. She laughed. "Guess I should do the laundry more often, huh?"

"Please bring another pair of boots. I need to keep these as," he corrected himself quickly. He grimaced looking at the clothes that had come out of hiding and was grateful was wearing a mask. "Uh, yes," he replied.

Leah heard his slip up but she ignored it for the moment. "Yeah." ~Now... where ARE my other boots?~ She glanced around trying to figure where they'd gotten off to in the midst of all the rearranging of stuff.

Bob  heard everything and wanted to go help her find the boots but wasn't sure how to do that without being seen.

The first AMO stared long and hard at Leah, wondering why she taking so long to find boots.

~Ah ha!~ Leah spotted a shiny black toe peeking out from under some pants. "There's one!" She snagged it, and its buried partner.

He began to scan the boots. "Those look clean, uh, I mean no traces of the bugs there," he announced.

Clean and safe perhaps ... but not unoccupied. One of Bob's many progeny was cowered in the bottom of the second boot. ~Shoot. Now what?~ Leah set the boots near the bed and pulled on the empty one. She 'accidentally' knocked the other one over, so that the bot landed under the bed. Hopefully the bot would be wise enough to take the chance to sneak back to its father.

"You can go now. You have not been infected, but the bugs have been in your room," he said avoiding saying that they found two parasites in her quarters and that it was the only place, other than in people, they were found. He was pretty certain her room was linked to the source - as the source.

"...So what happens next?" Leah stalled. She didn't want to leave them in here with the bots alone.

As she was thinking this, the bot tumbled out of the boot dizzily providing more than enough material for PIXAR to make another animated short cartoon.

"You can get back to work. We'll get someone here to scan your undi-...your, uh, laundry," the first AMO said.

"Ah, OK then. Thanks." Leah pulled on the now vacated second boot and heaved another sigh of relief. ~That was too close...~


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