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Captain Kematsopoulos, CO & Yeoman Naomi Tsundra



Title: Decisions, Part Two
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: About two hours after "A Matter of Time, Part Six" ((  ))
Concurrent with "Decisions, Part One" ((
Location: Captain Kematsopoulos' Quarters

The man weakened from injuries and infection mumbles deliriously in his feverish sleep and moves his head back in forth. "T'Nar!" he groans. T'Nar, his wife's name, was one of the few recognizable words he has uttered during the last hour.

"Another dream," Yeoman Naomi Tsundra sighs looking at the man in the Captain's bed.  She wants to interrupt it, but waits, not wanting to confuse him further by bringing him abruptly out of a dream. He is disoriented enough as he is.

The man's eyes blink open.

"Finally," she sighs, glad the drug she gave him earlier appeared to be working.

"Nouristao? Can you hear me?" she asks. Naomi reaches for the water glass she had put earlier on his night stand.

"Nouri? S'Tao?" she tries some nicknames to see if that will help get through to him. She props up his head and brings the glass toward him.

"Unghk!" the man exclaims feeling the cold glass pressed to his lips and water trying to enter his mouth.

"Drink Baftistiri," she orders gently but firmly.

"Nona?" he drinks the water slowly, shivering and trying to make a good effort until he can do no more. His head falls back against her strong and waiting arm.

"Yes, good. I need your consent, if you can give it," she says, putting the glass back down. She measured it visually. ~~ 20ml,~~ she says to herself to remember later for his chart.

The young man replies, "OK, you have it. Can you turn up the lights and heat? It is so cold and too dark for me to see you."

"I haven't asked you the question yet," she replies gently, wiping his hot sweaty face with a cold wet cloth.  She avoids reminding him about the blindness for the moment.

"I trust you," he replies sincerely and earnestly.

"You shouldn't. You should be careful here. You don't belong here," she says trying to guide him to a coherent condition and bring him to the present situation.

"Where don't I belong?" he asks.

"Your quarters," she answers.

"Why I don't belong in my own quarters?  They are mine, aren't they?" he asks puzzled and squints trying to see them.

"Eee," she says upset at her own reply. "It's complicated. You had a bad head injury and now have a bad infection. You lost part of your memory. Somehow you ended up here," she tries to explain.

"Where is here? I can't see anything. How did I get here?" he asks.

"You are in a starship belonging to the UFP. That's the United Federation of Planets, in case you don't have one where you are from. It is an Oberth class vessel named the USS Eagle. I don't know how you got here," she says.

"Eagle! I used to have a toy I named that," he exclaims delightedly.

"Baftistiri, I think you are dying. Your grandmother asked me if he, uh, you were ever in this condition to do something for her for you. I assume this holds wherever you are from and that the bond and pledge is the same," she explains. She pauses oddly looks up It feels with all certainty that if it does.

"Cookies... " he says hopefully. "Oatmeal cookies?" he says closing his eyes and starting drifting off to sleep.

The older woman shakes her head. ~~What is it with him and cookies? And why oatmeal??~~ she thinks.

"Baftistiri, please pay attention if you can," she said gently stroking his face in a motherly fashion trying to keep him a wake.

Seeing his eyes open she tries to explain again, "You grandmother wants me to try an ancient practice in your family for situations like this, passed down the millennia from one of your ancestors before he reached what is now China. Do you consent? May I do this, please? I think it is the only way to save your life."

"Do this - then get cookies? Cookies?" he asks hopefully as if he were a young child.

"No," she replies shaking her head and not wanting to influence him. "No cookies. No cookies either way," she says a bit sternly taking on the role of an older family member. She half wonders what age he is reverting to in his delirious state and what his last dream was about. She also wonders why his earlier memories are the strongest.

"Oh," he replies, clearly disappointed.

~~How he could think he could eat anything solid in his condition is beyond me,~~ Naomi thinks.

She had wanted to explain her next question in detail, but given his present state of mind it seems pointless. There are two things that might interfere with the risky procedure she wants to try. She needs to know if they have happened to him or not. She had learned enough by now to know that the two men did not have an identical life.

She asks instead, "Do you know a Dr. Pangloss?"

"No," he replies.

"Have you ever had thalassemia?" Naomi asks.

"No, " he says again. "My family hasn't had that in aivnaz" he replies, getting very tired and shifting to Greek.

"Do you remember the Ankhanahkstoi?" she asks.

"Ancanestoy?" he asks.

~~Close enough,~~ she thinks. "Yes, do you know what it is?"

"Er, some Ambassador or planet?" he guesses.

"No, it is not a person or place. It's a thing," she explains trying to help him answer the question without giving it away.

"It''s a noun! " he laughs. ((OOC: A joke for you older folk)) "Did Papa ...?"

"I think this means no," she says thinking out loud She tries something else.

"Have you ever met the Empress?" she asks trying to keep it simple.

"Which one?" he wonders.

~~Eee, I need to be more specific. I don't know either of their pasts with the detail I need for this,~~ she thinks. "Have you ever been to Galadon 12?" she asks.

"Galadon dwdeca?" he asks.

"Nai, uh yes," she says.

"Mama and Papa tried, but the Galadons don't like strangers.  They wouldn't even let them tour the planet much less dig. I never got the chance to see the planet before it blew up, but that was all a long time ago. Why?" he asks sounding more coherent.

She starts to sigh in relief, but it quickly turns into a gasp of horror. She wants to ask more but refrains, not wanting to contaminate things further if what happened wherever he came from might happen here. She is glad for the moment that he could not see her reaction.

"So you have never been to the Galadon homeworld or met their Empress Zahrina?" she asks ignoring his question trying to keep her voice neutral.

"No, not even on the hol- you ask odd questions," he reflects.

She changes how she asked questions to fit asking a child.  "Blue? Do you recall turning blue ?" she asks.

"Blue? Hypothsomethingey after I fell from the mountain I was climbing and was buried in the snow, you know that. Does that count?" he mumbles hoping to be done with all the questions. His eyelids are heavy and wants to go back to sleep.

"No, I just wanted to be sure of your, um, particular medical history so nothing interferes." She is concerned that if there are any residual effects or changes made by the Ankhanahkstoi that they could reassert themselves and conflict with the procedure. ((

She  worried  too that if he also had the AGT, Accelerated Gene Therapy, the way in which Dr. Pangloss had used it to try and kill the Captain (by triggering two suppressed genes for thalassemia) that this could affect the outcome of what she was preparing to do. (( These were a big concerns with the Captain, were he to be the man in the bed here instead of the one that is in front of her now. 

"Am I blue again? Did I get stuck in the snow? It's so cold, so very cold. Am I dreaming you?" he asks.

"You are not blue. There is no snow. This is not a dream," she answers quickly.

"Stay with me child," she rushes ahead not sure how much longer she has with him.  "May I perform this, um, procedure to help you regain your strength and fight off the infection?" she says as reasonably sure as she could be that this confused, ill young man in front of her never went to Galadon, never met a Galdonese person, and never under any other circumstances experienced the mutamorphegenic healing energy from the ancient Galadonese ritual.

"Yes, you ma-" he starts.

"There is a risk..." she interrupts.

Nouri interrupts her back with a quote from one of his heroes, John Paul Jones. " 'He who will not risk cannot win,' " he says. Then he quotes someone else. " ' Fighting infections and disease are like fighting wars',"  PauPau explained to me. She said the things I liked about martial arts, military studies and engineering is what she liked about medicine," he replies possibly lucid for the first time in 30 hours.

"Indeed, they are," she replies relieved. Even if he is rambling a bit, it is enough to make her feel she is deciding not only what she thinks best for him, but what he decided.

"Can I sleep now?" he asks shutting his eyes.

"Yes, I'll take care of everything," she says reassuringly.

"Cookies too?" he asks drifting off.

"Cookies too," she sighs.

"Computer, voice override Naomi Tsundra for Captain Kematsopoulos' quarters," she orders and then gives a code. "Secure quarters against any and all access, including security and medical emergencies and authorizations."

Yeoman Tsundra begins the final preparations. She hopes Dr. S'Tronn would not return and there would be no interruptions. The procedure she is planning to do is not the one she told him about...


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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