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LTjg Leah Richards, ASEC & Chalandra, Mother to Four

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Red Alert! Part Two
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: During the attack by the Orions
Location: Ensign Petrescu's quarters

           When the intruders vanished, Leah's immediate thought was that it had to be a trick. Of course, if they could be invisible at will why not attack that way in the first place? So she lowered her phaser. "Anybody hurt?"
           Chalandra asked shakily, "Is it safe?"

           "I think so, everyone OK?" Leah answered.

           Chalandra told the children in the kitchen to stay put again. She then peered very carefully out to assess the situation.

           Nothing bad had happened yet. They must have left. Leah tucked the phaser away. "It's OK. They left." She put on a reassuring smile, "Come out already."

           Chalandra tentatively stepped out. "Thank you," she said. "My name is Chalandra. I think we met before? Yes?" she asked. As she spoke one disobedient child from the kitchen and another from the bedroom peered out.

           "No biggie." Leah shrugged off the thank you. She did recall the woman, even though they were little more than acquaintances. They had met at a reception party a while back. "Yeah, I'm Leah Richards."

           Over Chalandra's shoulder Leah noticed a pair of kids peeking out from the kitchen. "All of you OK back there?" From the screaming before it sure had sounded like there were a bunch of kids, but maybe kids were just noisier than she thought. Leah had very little experience with children.

           The younger of the two peered out further, her face all smudged in something red. She grinned and waved, having taking advantage of the distraction of her mother to steal some strawberry jam.

           Leah cracked a smile at the kid with the sticky face. She could recall doing similar things when her mother's back was turned; although it usually involved making faces or sneaking out.

       A hand and arm belonging to a taller child reached out of the kitchen and grabbed the younger one's head and tried to push it back in the kitchen. Then the head belonging to the hand appeared as the older child stole a long glance out as she reigned in the younger one. Then they both ducked out of site quickly.

           Apparently the kids were still in one piece, Leah decided, so she turned her full attention back to Chalandra. She hoped to wrap this up quickly and get back to Bob and the rest of the robots. She had to find someway to keep the little ones safely stowed out of sight before she could put Bob and his wife into stasis as Unstoffe had ordered. That and keep the little beasties from being discovered by Hanson, assuming he returned to retrieve his pizza.

       "Are you sure those dreadful men are gone?" Chalandra asked visibly upset.

       "Yes. It looked like they beamed out. Probably off the ship entirely." Otherwise, Leah assumed somebody would still be shooting out in the corridor but it didn't sound like it.

       "Good," she said but she didn't look relieved. "What happened?" she asked.

       All Leah knew was that there had been intruders on the ship and that seemed to have vanished. She hadn't been on the bridge at all. "I don't really know," she answered. She wasn't particularly concerned either. The ship was still in one piece, so Unstoffe and the others clearly had handled it.

       "How many were there? Two here were in this room," Chalandra asked. Leah shrugged. "Look - I don't have a lot of information for you. I only saw the two here." There had to have been a couple more in the corridor though, judging from the sounds of phaser fire she had followed to this room.

       The mother of four looked disappointed and there was something much more weighty on her mind. It showed on her face as she grew more worried. "The Captain said he would try and keep us safe here. I need to speak with him," she asked.

       "I don't think he's in a position to talk to visitors yet. He was in Sickbay last I knew. What's got you so worried?" Leah left off any mention of how poorly the man had been doing, no need to add to Chalandra's concern.

       Chalandra wasn't comfortable answering all of what had her so upset. She paused, "I am worried we won't make it. I didn't want to transfer to the other ship because I thought it would be safer here," she replied. That was most of the truth but not all.

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