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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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LTjg Leah Richards, ASEC & Chalandra, Mother to Four

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Red Alert! Part One
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: During the attack by the Orions
Location: Ensign Petrescu's quarters

         When the red alert klaxon went off, Leah had turned to run out the door on instinct. But she'd just been relieved of duty-there was no post to man. So she'd stood there watching Hanson join the stream of other crew mates heading off. It was going to be a boring and lonely day. When Commander Unstoffe came on over the intra-ship comm. system asking any free personnel to assist with intruders on Deck Two she figured she had a free pass to ignore his order to stay in her quarters. With a gleeful grin she'd grabbed a trusted phaser and headed for the nearest turbo lift.

           Now she was on Deck Two. Leah turned toward the sound of phaser fire and headed that way. She'd already checked the setting of her own phaser twice on the turbo lift.

           As she did so, the intruders exited the spy's quarters and moved down corridor backing away from Midshipman Zander Rockwell and his team.

           Leah paused in her approach, listening to the sound of footsteps carefully.

           She wasn't sure which way they were headed and she didn't want to find out unexpectedly either.

           Leah moved ever closer to the phaser fight, careful to move quietly lest a misstep betray her presence. She kept a steady eye on the corridor ahead, ready to fire at anyone that came into view. Provided of course they weren't in Federation uniform!

           BOOM! SKEER-EEE! CLUNK! Chalandra and kids turned around, startled by the noises. They saw two men with weapons and screamed as they burst into the room.

           The two burly Orions paused unexpectedly, surprised at a woman and children who were clearly civilians. The third remained outside engaged in a fire fight with MIDN Rockwell's security team.

           Chalandra took quick advantage of their momentary confusion, scooping up two of the smallest children and motioned for the others to go into the back rooms. She moved fast and barked out orders to the children even faster. Two of the older children ran quickly into the next room. Chalandra counted at least three men as she stood there with a child under each arm. Two men were with her now and at least one other must be firing the weapon she heard in the background at someone else with a phaser. There could be more she worried.

           "Just some rotten kids," one of the men said to the other. He growled menacingly at the remaining family members.

           "Kids on a starship?" the other asked in disbelief.

           Chalandra was afraid to move, less than would help embolden the men to enter the room more quickly. She wanted to gain time for the other children to make it safely away. She looked at open door, searching for some clue as to how to best handle this.

           Leah heard the yelling from her position in the hall and rushed towards the source. That wasn't a fellow officer-that was a family; with plenty of frightened kids from the sound of it.

           Leah followed the corridor around a slight bend and spotted an open door. The sounds were definitely coming form inside it. She crept to the edge, peering in and careful to keep out of the line of fire for anyone inside the room.

           Leah caught Chalandra's glance and quickly held a finger to her lips in a silencing gesture. It would be easier to take care of these bozos if they didn't realize she was behind them.

           Chalandra saw Leah and her signal and did not react. She recalled the young woman from a reception and that saw that her uniform had a gray collar and sleeves. Security.  ~~This is good very good,~~ she thought keeping her face and mannerisms unchanged.

           Chalandra spoke to intruders to help distract them slightly. "What do you want?" she asked, picking the obvious most natural question.

           "The man from the station in the quarters near yours! Where did he go?" one of the boarders asked gruffly waving his weapon menacingly.

           Leah took aim on the intruder furthest form Chalandra and the kiddies, then she fired switching to the second target even as the first one was hit.

           As one of the boarders hit the deck, Chalandra sprinted with kids under each arm to kitchen. She quickly tossed out the contents in a lower cabinet and stuffed the kids in. "Stay," she ordered. She slowly got up and turned around looking for a weapon or something to deflect the fire.

           VERREEEEP! An alarm beeped on a wrist comm belonging to one of the Orions. "Okay, time to go!" he yelled.

           The third man, who was providing covering fire, replied, "Okay, get clear."

           SHIMMER!   The inert Orion and two standing ones disappeared quickly in the beam out back to their waiting ship.

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