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LTjg Richards, "Bob" , " Mrs. Bob" & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Bot Wait There's More! Part Four
Setting: USS Eagle
Location: LTjg Richards' quarters

    When the siren went off, Leah turned immediately to run out the door. She came with three steps of doing that when her brain caught up with her body. Relieved of duty. "Oh crud! This bites." She almost went so far as to stomp her feet but held back. Company, after all.

   Hanson left quickly to go to his quarter to grab his weapons, gear, etc., for his station. He didn't say good-bye with words but his stomach seemed to growl it on his way out.

    With the repairman gone, Bob came out of Leah's rack, hit the deck and ran in circles.

    She stepped out of Hanson's way and sighed. Being helpless to do anything was the worst possible feeling in the universe. Wearily she looked down at Bob. "What's you problem now?"

   Bob did more circles and stopped. Whenever the biological life forms made a big repeating noise it usually meant trouble. This new ship he was on kept doing it too.

    "It must be bad.  My last ship did that a lot before all the repairmen died. Why did this repairman leave? Was he ever coming back? What about my wife? Are the Organics going to die again? Are they going to die without fixing my wife?" he asked in a series of chirps and whistles. Bob kept going in circles, clearly upset with his millennia old corrupted logic circuits adding to his confusion.

    Maybe it was just Hanson's sudden departure. "Relax. Look - he's bound to come back for the pizza, all right? Then he'll fix Mrs. Bob." Assuming she hadn't completely scared him off. And they didn't get blown up first. It was hard to trust the guys on the bridge when she couldn't be up there to help out.

    Bob's manic circles were interrupted by Leah's soothing voice. He stopped, listened, and tilted head as if he understood.

    In any case, Hanson and the rest of them would be busy for at least a bit longer. That meant she had some time on her hands. There were two options. Cleaning ... or doing something about Bob's progeny. Cleaning wasn't gonna happen, so problem number two. "All right ... let's find a place to keep your kids for the time being, OK?" Hopefully she could find some way to keep them safely out of sight until their parents were back from containment. Of course, getting them out of containment might involve breaking a few more rules ... but why stop once you were on a roll? She looked around for a likely spot for a robo playpen. Preferably one with a lockable top.

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