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LTjg Richards, "Bob" , " Mrs. Bob" & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Bot Wait There's More! Part Three
Setting: USS Eagle
Location: Ensign Hanson's quarters

    Meanwhile back in Hanson's quarters....

    "Computer, display bio and image of 'Richards' and location of her quarters," the secretive and spooky systems analyst ordered. His computer screen changed and an image of a young, female security officer with blonde hair and green eyes appeared.

    He looked at image. "Oh, her..." he muttered, recalling the time she kept interrupting him in his little closet sized office on the side of Main Engineering.

    He looked at the image again. "Hmm, ... she is kind of cute. Maybe she is trying to apologize. Comb, I should probably comb my hair ... where's my comb??" he muttered out loud. "Oh well," he said reaching into his roommate's dresser. He pulled out a black comb and ran it through his hair. It was unusual for him to do so off duty. He even checked the mirror, wet the comb with some water to try and flatten a stubborn part. Then he returned the comb to the precise place he found it in Alexi's dresser.

    Hanson left his quarters, dressed as he was in rumpled, off-duty civilian clothes and arrived at Leah's.

    He pushed the intercom button outside her quarters. +Hanson here,+ he announced.

    Leah's bot, Bob, got spooked by the noise ran in a circle and then tried to hide. He somehow made it up into her bed in between piles of laundry. He felt safe being in smelly objects. From his experience with her on this ship he'd learned this Organic he lived with had no interest in disturbing the piles much.

    She shoved a last shirt under the bed and brushed her hands on her pants. " Be good, Bob!" she hissed, then at a regular volume she answered Hanson, "Come on in."

    The floor was visible, amazing considering the state it had been in five minutes before. The place could still do with a little airing out, though. The one disadvantage to not having a roommate was how easy it was to let things like house work slide. Outside of the clothing problem, the shelves could probably have survived a little dusting. They held a few knick knacks including a couple of photographs from Earth. The only notable thing (outside of the mound of laundry on the bed) was the patched and battered punching bag hanging in the corner. That was an old 'friend'.

    Hanson entered and looked around and sniffed. . Not bad. Not too clean and not to moldy smelling but ... certainly no pizza smell! He looked around more and saw there was no pizza in an obvious place.  ~~Where is it?~ he thought.

   He kept looking and noticed that her quarters was cleaner than his side of his room with Alexi. Hanson decided maybe she was OK since the room is clean (to him), but not so clean that it disturbed him.  In general, he distrusted anyone who was very neat. He, had however, made an exception for the Captain.

    Hanson sniffed again to guess the type of pizza and maybe the puzzle. Unable to discern any pizza smell or container, his countenance dropped.

    She wrung her hands behind her back, nervous. "I um ... wasn't sure what you'd want on the pizza ..." that and there hadn't been time to grab one in the midst of the cleaning spree.

    "Everything," he said very seriously.

    "Everything?" She quirked an eyebrow with an evil grin. Most people regretted letting her pick out pizza toppings.

    The grin was so unexpected that even the very self-absorbed engineer noticed it.

    "Yes," he replied, quirking a brow back and looking a bit mischievous. "Everything," he repeated.  

    "I'll be right back then - see if you can get started on her while I'm gone." Leah pointed to the robot in the center of the floor.

    Hanson tilted head quizzically, almost identically to the way Bob did. "Who is this?" he asked.

    Mrs. Bob titled her claw shaped head as best as she could quizzically back at him.

    She was a bit surprised that Hanson picked up on the anthropomorphizing thing. Unstoffe had gone to lengths to ignore it. "She's uh ... your patient. Be right back!" She ducked out the door before Hanson had a chance to ask any more questions. Once he'd fixed the Mrs. there wouldn't be any reason to politely answer questions ... till then she'd have to play nice and come up with vague responses.

    Hanson, perplexed by Leah's sudden departure and the odd mini robot, quirked his other brow. "So, who are you?" he asked.  

    Mrs. Bob made some feeble motion in reply.

    "Don't worry. I think I can fix you," he said, happy to be alone for the moment with no one tell him to not talk to machines like that. He looked at the bot very carefully and tentatively touched the bot as if to not be impolite.

     Mrs. Bob didn't fuss. Hanson continued.

    "OK, I can start some work here, but I need some more tools and to use the machine shop to make you some new pieces. I'll leave you on as long as I can and let you know before I need to shut you or any system off to avoid either of us being fried." It was clear that Hanson was much more comfortable with machines than he was with Humans. His social skills with them appeared better also.

    "Shall I begin?" he asked.

    Mrs. Bob appeared to make a "yes" movement with her head.

    Hanson smiled and began work to repair her. He pulled out lots of interesting things squirreled away in the pockets of his civilian clothing. As Hanson continued work, Bob got the courage to peep out further at Hanson to watch better over the Missus.
   Out in the corridor Leah took a left toward the nearest food processor. Playing along didn't require being easy on him with the spiciness of the chow, right?

    Leah considered the ethics of trying to melt someone's tongue when that someone had come to help her out ... but the idea was just too tempting. She punched in her usual order of extra, EXTRA hot everything. And as a last touch, anchovies. "Hope ya don't mind fuzzy fish..."

    (( ))

    The pizza popped out. Even the steam could make your eyes water. "Yum!" Leah took it back to her quarters.

    She walked in to find Hanson at work on the 'bot. "Here it is ... enjoy!"

    Seeing the familiar, pizza sized container Hanson sniffed.  Finally the lovely, aromatic, gastronomically enticing smells of pizza wafted through the air towards his nose. He inhaled deeply again a bit mesmerized by the scent. Then the extreme spicy smell belonging to peppers in the 180,000 SHU range hit him - hit him hard. His eyes watered from the causticness.  "Oh, joy," he thought. This was going to be good. His stomach growled in affirmation.

    (SHU - Scoville Heat Unit. A term from early 20th century Earth to refer to the degree of hotness of a pepper. )

    Instead of saying all that, he mumbled, "Thanks," still intently fixing the bot but definitely lured by the pizza. "Where did you get this?" he asked.

    She set the pizza down on the desk by the computer. Ignoring his question, she asked, "How's Mrs. - the bot?" Wouldn't do to make him suspicious.

    "How did it get damaged?" he replied with a question. Something was definitely wrong here. He had a fairly good grasp of how the bot worked but the construction was definitely "weird and alien". Given that, the age of the bot and the damage it suffered, he could tell there was a good story or twelve for the bot  and how she acquired it.

    Clearly the guy couldn't take a hint. She crossed her arms and scowled. "Can you fix 'er?"

    His stomach growled again, begging him for the pizza.

    "Of course," he said clearly irritated. "Haven't you noticed that is what I was doing?" he asked rhetorically.

    "Well, then, finish already!" There wasn't much time to be patient. Something had be happening on the bridge or Unstoffe would have already been on her case.

    Hanson became more irritated and wanted to leave.  "It's not that interesting to fix." He told some truth and some lie. It was an interesting mini robot. He mostly said that to keep Leah from thinking anything was important to him. If she didn't know what was important to him she couldn't hurt him with it.

    "I guess I'll have some of that pizza," he said putting it aside and getting up. If she was going to be rude and use him, he might as well get some pizza, take it with him and go.

    Now how was that possible? The robots certainly seemed fascinating to her. At least when she had time out side of work... "Not interesting?! So what?" He still had to fix the thing, after all! That was what engineers did!

    "So pizza," he said glibly and resolutely. It was time to cut his losses and leave.

    Maybe a little pressure would help. She stepped between him and the pizza. "Fix it, THEN eat."

    This had the opposite effect. This hurt him deeply. He had been hoping for a friend, besides getting some free pizza. Although the he would not admit it, he was lonely on the Eagle. Sure there were a lot of interesting things to do and the Captain had been kind to him and given him another chance, but he wanted someone on board to hang out with, eat pizza with and talk about fun things.

    "Bye, " he said curtly, letting anger show instead of the hurt. He got up and went towards the door.

    Or maybe not... "No!" She dove toward the door instead, leaving the pizza wide open. "Please?! Eat first - whatever!"

    At that point, Hanson was thoroughly confused and just stood there uncertain what to do, ~~Why can't people be more like machines?~~ he thought. ~~Even with corrupted software, they make more sense.~~

    Leah sighed. Maybe a little honesty was in order. "Sorry... I'm just in a bit of a rush. Eat or whatever. I'll wait." I'll have to.

    "Pizza?" Hanson asked. His tone was hopeful and innocent. Although the pitch of his voice had not changed, it sounded more like a small child than an adult from his inflection.

    "Enjoy." She spread her hands in a welcoming gesture.

    Hanson was not so sure about this and Richards. To break the tie, his stomach betrayed him and growled again to cast its vote. He took pizza anyway and opened container. He looked happily inside to see a pizza with everything INCLUDING ANCHOVIES! But then he heard . . . the red alert.


    "Figures," he mutters, shutting the container and putting it down.

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