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LTjg Richards, "Bob" , " Mrs. Bob" & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Bot Wait There's More! Part Two
Setting: USS Eagle
Location: LTjg Richards' quarters

    In retrospect, the robots weren't worth all the lies. It had all started on the Red Dwarf. Bob hadn't only been friendly, he'd been helpful. In fact without him repairs would certainly have taken longer. So Leah had done the natural thing and offered him a lift. The Dwarf had already been stranded for centuries **right?** so 'Bob' had to be getting bored! The stupid thing had been sneaking him aboard. He and the Mrs., that was. And to top things off Bob just had to go out and break things! There wasn't any pretending that busting a turbolift wasn't serious. Especially considering it had been Leah's own personal self in it! But Bob had explained (through all kinds of charades) that he'd been trying to get her attention because his wife was damaged. Oh yes, and they had kids! LOT'S of kids! Commander Unstoffe was just gonna LOVE that.
       By that point, Leah couldn't see any other choice but to try and follow the mess through to the end. So, she'd lied. She'd pulled up the wrong security files for that section of hallway and flat out denied seeing anyone there, let alone holding a lengthy 'conversation' with an illegal robot right in plain view of the camera! Of course the Commander wasn't as dense as she'd hoped - he'd seen right through that trick. And short of trying to delete the proper records there wasn't any other way out! So, she'd caved in. Sorta. At least he didn't know about the mini robots yet. But if he had his way Bob and Mrs. Bob could still be in danger ... for Pete's sake he'd just been talking about dissecting them! She burst into her quarters, knowing there were only a few minutes to do anything. If she didn't get those two down to a containment unit as ordered the Commander would just be that much angrier. And she REALLY didn't want to give him anymore reasons to do something worse than temporarily relieve her of duty (like a court martial)!

    "Ok...ok. Bob, we've got a teeny problem, but I think we can handle it. I need you to um ... hide your kids. And keep 'em hidden!" If someone found out about those she'd be in REAL trouble.

    Bob was confused and made a noise, "EEEP??!"

    Then he figured it out and made a high pitched noise that would go undetected by most human ears. The baby bots scattered quickly and smoothly this time. It was apparent they were getting used to this drill.

    Leah presumed Bob's first sound had been an annoyed comment. She'd have been pretty annoyed in the same situation herself. "I'm sorry! Don't argue -Just do it! And fast - I hafta get someone to fix your wife and then take you two to a containment field, all right?" She paced the breadth of the room while considering engineers for this clandestine repair job. Only one person seemed reasonable.

    Bob paced back and forth wildly. "What is going on?" he wondered with his tiny micro bot brain.

    "Computer, where is Ensign Hanson right now?" If he was on duty, she didn't know what she'd do.

    Computer> Ensign Hanson is in his quarters.

    Phew! She cleared her throat. +Richards to Ensign Hanson.+ She tried to sound calm. If he thought something was wrong then gig would be up. And who knew if Unstoffe would bother to have someone fix her or not.

    Ensign Hanson was in his quarters, listening to music and working on something big. His side of the quarters was more messy than usual and there were pads, disks, papers and empty beverage containers all over his bed and side of the deck.

    Hanson almost did not hear the computer beep that there was a comm call. He turned down the music, +Hanson here+ he replied.

   ~~ Richards??~~ he wondered.  ~~Who was that and why are they bothering me?"~~

    +I uh ... have a small engineering problem. I don't suppose you're interested in a little puzzle?+

   Ensign Hanson's usually sour and dour mood lifted slightly. +Puzzle? What kind of puzzle?+ he asked.

    She stalled. +Come up and see.+ She crossed her fingers hoping it would be enough to peak his interest.

  +I am in the middle of something right now,+ he replied, not wanting to leave what he was doing. It was something else he was working on for the Captain.

    Shoot! Leah was about to give up when she recalled the first time she'd met Hanson. He'd been on duty working on a programming issue ... with almost the entire control board covered in food and wrappers. +How 'bout I have some lunch set up and waiting? Pizza OK?+ Who could hold out on free pizza?

   +Pizza? I like pizza,+ the reclusive and eccentric assistant engineer replied, perking up. ~~Maybe today wouldn't be so bad afterwards,~~ he thought.

    She grinned. + It'll be waiting. Richards out.+ She glanced around the room and groaned. The reckoning had come - she couldn't very well let him in to see this wreck! Leah rolled her sleeves back and went into cleaning hyper drive. No time to do laundry or anything, so she bunched the clothes up and chucked them under the bed. When THAT wasn't enough, she tossed the rest on top of the mattress. The blanket covered the massive pile ... explaining the resulting mountainous lump would be tough but it was better than nothing.

   +OK.+ Hanson said, shutting the comms.

    "Bob, get your wife out here to be fixed. And then skooch outta sight, ok?" One robot would be hard enough to explain, hopefully he wouldn't need to look at an intact one to figure out how to fix Mrs. Bob.

    Bob stopped his insane version of pacing and did as Leah said.

    Leah shoved a last arm full of clothes under the blanket, wishing the ceiling was a little higher. Or maybe if the bed were a bit taller there'd be enough room under it...?



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