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Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Eight
Stardate: 200606.23
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky, CENG, left Dr. Isa's office and disappeared quickly to visit the Captain.

Normally she was a woman of great strength, but she was starting to fray. The long hours were getting to her as was the lack of sleep and her grave responsibilities under these stressful times. To pile on top of that the man she loved was ill in Sickbay with a life threatening fever. He had almost died not long ago when he was in a cargo bay accident and had a serious open head injury. Now a mysterious, serious and virulent infection had set in that very same place.

The Chief Engineer passes the last few beds and sees the Captain, unconscious, very pale and drenched in sweat from a fever and mysterious infection.

She steps closer to his bed so no one can hear her.

"CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky reporting," she says.

No response. The man just lay there in the biobed. The data and colors in the monitor above him gave silent testimony to his serious condition. Although she had hardly any medical training, just some basic first aid for things that may arise as accidents in engineering, she could still tell  from the monitor that his condition was grave.

She steps closer until she touches the bed.

"You probably can't khear me, but I am here to visit." She picks up his hand and holds it gently. "Sir? Can you khear me? Nouri?" she asks. His hand was very warm.

She waits a few moments, but there is still no response nor indication that he has heard her.

"You've been acting so odd. I've been so whorried about you. Eet must khave been infection making you forget things you should know. I . . . I need to tell you something, but don't think you can khear me. The doctor says you are unconscious. Perhaps, it is better I say eet this way anyway. I know khow you feel about fraternizing between ranks.  I khadd wanted to tell you before you became XO, but that didn't work out. Then you became Captain and my Khommanding Officer . . . I . . . I just need to say eet, before um . . . before er, . . I, I khad krush on you when I first met you at Daystom Institute Summer Symposium Camp. You were the only boy who was able to best me on occasion in the science competitions (and the only one not allergic to Retinox V) .The crush matured over the years . . . and whell . . . I've been in love with you for some time now," she blurts out trying to hold back the tears.

She begins crying, "I. . . I . . . don't whant to lose you. I wheesh we could be more than friends one day. I..I .. I khaff to go. Bye."

She leaves abruptly barely getting out the "bye". She passes the other beds and heads to turn the corner to go back towards Dr. Isa's office on her way out.

"Val?" the delirious man mumbles.       

Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Nine
Stardate: 200606.23
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky finished visiting the Captain in Sickbay. She had poured out her heart to the man she was told was unconscious and struggling to fight an unknown infection. She steps away and walks hurriedly past the other beds.

"Val?" the delirious man mumbles.

CDR Tsiolkovsky stops suddenly. ~~Did I hear what I thought I heard? My mind must be playing tricks on me for the sleep I am missing.~~ Still, she didn't move in case she really was hearing what she wanted to hear.

"Val?" the man repeats, still feebly but a degree louder.

Valentina spins around quickly, but approaches tentatively. "Nouri, did you hear what I just said?"

"Yes, I am sorry, so sorry. I didn't know," he replies very faintly. "Sorry too I didn't know also . . . but all those pranks and stunts when we were young . . ." his voice trails off.

". . . were to get you to notice me, not hate me," she finishes.

"Donntnderstand," he replies slurring his words.

"That was all I knew then. How to react from my brothers. Those things were what they did when they liked someone," she explains.

"Oh," he says as it suddenly hits him. ~~ It starts to all make sense now... just like some of the things I did with, er, to T'Nar,~~ he thinks.

"So," she starts to say and pauses slightly.  ~~ I opened the door so it's best I shut it or walk though,~~ she thinks recalling an old Russian proverb.

CDR Tsiolkovsky knows that the Captain does not like people of different ranks to fraternize on the ship. She had tried a few times before promotions to tell him but she was always interrupted. Now, however, she needed to know if there was any chance at all at some point in the future that there was a possibility, no matter how small, that they could be more than friends one day.

She takes a deep breath, hoping what she is about to say is not a door shutter.

"What do you think?"  Valentina asks putting her hand gently on his cheek and stroking it three times.  Shocked by how hot his cheek is, she puts her hand gently on his forehead. ~~Sveti Bozhe! What a fever!!,~~ she thinks.

"Nothing is impossible. The correct solution has not just been applied yet," the man smiles weakly. He moves his face towards her hand and tries to open his eyes.  (This was a phrase that he annoyed her with constantly at  the Daystrom Technological Institute's Summer Symposium for Young Scientists,  in 2284 , when he found solutions where she could not. )

"Val?" he asks, wondering if she is still there. He can't see her. He squints to see if that helps.

"Yes?" she replies.

"Do you think they'll get the lights back on?" he asks.

"Huh?...Oh." ~~He must be so out of it that he doesn't remember that he's blind,~~ she concludes. ~~ But they? What does he mean they?~~

". . . and fix the heat?" he adds.

~~The fever must be confusing him very badly.~~ Valentina's forehead furrows with concern.

"What's wrong with this camp?" Nouri continues. "It's summer, so why is it so dark and cold?  Can you go check? I am tired, so tired I . . ." his voice trails off and his eyes shut. It is hard to tell whether he remains awake or not.

~~No, he thinks he is back at camp. He was doing so well there for a moment and now...~~ she begins to worry all the more. Valentina starts to cry again.

The man hears her tears. "Don't cry. I'll get up. You can stay. I'll . . ." he says trying to get up, but his body won't move. In his delirium, he thinks it does and imagines opening a door.

"No! No, I will go," she says stroking his hair with her right hand. "You rest."

The man smiles and replies, "Good, I need to get some . . ." Instead of finishing the sentence he drifts off to sleep. His hand falls off his chest and dangles from the edge of the bed.

CDR Tsiolkovsky picks up his hand and gently puts it on his chest and tucks it in with the biobed blanket. She leaves hurriedly before more tears come.                                        


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