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CDR Tsiolkovsky, CENG & Ensign Kamran Isa, AMO

By Nouri and Isa


Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Seven
Stardate: 200607.13
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

The Captain had taken ill again. This time an unusual infection had taken hold in his brain and was traveling to other parts of his body. His brain and body had been weakened previously with a serious open head injury in the cargo bay when strange equipment and devices taken from the anomaly shifted and fell on him.

CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky, the Chief Engineering Officer for the USS Eagle, heard about the Captain's return to Sickbay and went to check it out personally on her off time. She should have been sleeping but kept short changing herself on the needed sleep to get the work done faster. She knew what dangers the ship was in and how vulnerable it was to another attack. Val had only been sleeping about 12 hours in the last four days. She drove herself harder than she should or expected of others and it was starting to show. The reason she expected 110 percent from everyone in her department was that she gave 150 percent.

CDR Valentina Tsiolkovsky strode purposefully into Sickbay to look for someone in authority. She didn't see anyone immediately and continued.

Dr. Kamran Shah Isa, Assistant Medical Officer and senior MO on duty for that rotation in Sickbay, was working as usual at his desk. He looked up as he heard Commander Tsiolkovsky entering. "Is there something I can do for you?" he asked, hoping it wouldn't entail much.

"Da, I head that the Keptain had taken ill again. How is he?" she asked, her Russian accent and native language reasserting itself as it often did when she was upset.

"Unconscious right now. We're trying to get him back in stable condition," he replied, sensing that somehow this visitor might be a little more difficult to dispense with than others. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but ...

"Khow bad? May I see khim briefly?" she asked.

"I suppose so ... but he's not to be disturbed, all right?" ~~Blast it all, there's something wrong here,~~ he thought.

"Understood. Spahsee...Thank you," she replied almost lapsing into Russian.

He got up slowly, sensing something was going on with her and led the way over to the Captain's biobed.

She followed.

"Just for a moment here ... I'll explain the details over at my desk ..." he said quietly.

CDR Tsiolkovsky stopped for a second, uncertain. ~~ What is happening? It is sounding like the doctor has changed his mind about the visit,~~ she worried.

"He really shouldn't be having any visitors at all ... back this way please ..." he said quietly, indicating the desk.

CDR Tsiolkovsky was a strong woman and generally held back any emotions that would show any vulnerability. Inspite of this she looked very upset. The long hard hours and lack of sleep were getting to her.

He led the way back to his desk, hoping this visit would be over soon. ~~There's just something odd about this ...~~

"Vhill it hurt him just to vhish khim speedy recovery?" she asked hoping that would work and she could go back in the direction towards the Captain again.

"This way please," he said, motioning.

CDR Tsiolkovsky followed again, getting more upset. They were definitely not going back to the Captain.

"Have a seat please," he said, gesturing to a chair. He waited for her to sit before taking a seat himself.

CDR Tsiolkovsky did not like to sit but sat anyway. ~~Why did we come back here? Why I am supposed to sit? It is never good when they ask you to sit. The doctor did that when Baba died. How ill is Nouri?~~ she worried.

"Right now the Captain is in very bad shape and should not be receiving visitors ... he's unconscious and is fighting an infection and possible internal bleeding," he began.

"You mean khee may not make eet?" she asked. For all her attempts to try and remain hard edged, she became visibly shaken. Unknown to the Captain, she had fallen in love with him some years ago. She never told him.

~~I knew there was something wrong here ... some emotional attachment. Blast it, why can't they have someone in the Medical department like a ... a therapist, a ... a Ship's Counselor? Oh well, Starfleet'll never think of something as practical as that.~~ "He's at risk but I'm quite sure I'll pull him through. It's just right now he needs extra rest."

~~It is that bad. He is just trying to make me feel better and give me some hope,~~ she thought as tears welled up in her eyes. It upset her so much that her guard slipped. She never liked to show any vulnerable emotions. Growing up the youngest with four older brothers didn't leave her much choice. It was hide the vulnerable side or someone would punch it physically or emotionally. Anger and annoyance, of course, were different. Those could be useful tools when displayed properly. She had seen her parents, Admirals Tereshkova and Tsiolkovsky, use them many times while growing up mostly on her unruly brothers and sometimes at work.  They hadn't risen to the admiralty being known for a soft approach to matters...

Just then a comm call came in from the Executive Officer, CDR James Alan Cline.

He got up and headed to the comm. "Sickbay here, this is Dr. Isa."

+ Hey Isa. I just heard from Unstoffe that the Captain isn't doing well. Can you tell me a bit about that? Should I come down?+ the XO asked.

Val tried to use the comm call time to compose herself, but started to cry instead. She had been trying not to show it but the stress of worrying about the Captain had been getting to her along with the extra long hard hours and extra shifts she was taking to get the ship back in one piece. It was getting harder and harder for her to hide her emotions regarding the Captain. She, who feared very little, was afraid for his life again.

~~Oh boy that's all I need ... she's losing it.~~ "He's unconscious and has an infection. Right now he doesn't need visitors ... sorry to put it this way but it's like a big DO NOT DISTURB sign is needed for him so as to speed the recovery ... Sir."

+Has there been some problem I am unaware of?+ CDR Cline asked.

"Well, he developed a fever and then suddenly went unconscious and was in danger of internal bleeding. I'm trying to figure this thing out. He just needs a lot of rest, he's on meds to counteract it now." ~~I hope the Bridge crew understand the necessity of what I'm telling them ... please God ...~~

Valentina started to get up so she could leave but she stayed in the room a bit longer to listen to Dr. Isa talk. Maybe she could learn more.

+I see. I actually was meaning if you had been having a visitor problem with the Captain,+ he clarified.

"Well, I am trying to deal with someone here from Engineering. A three hanky problem."

Valentina got up and started to leave. ~~Three hankies indeed,~~ she thought.

+Ahhh. I understand. I wonder if you could give her a quick visit, maybe two minutes. I would appreciate it,+ the XO said.

"All right then. Anything else Sir?"

+No. And I really owe you. Just name your price,+ Jim said.

Valentina sniffed in surprise, making sure to not need any hanky. ~~And I am going to owe the XO now and he knows it. Assuming he knows I came down here and this is not the payoff for my help with that incident with the Ambassador's daughter on...~~ she thought, stopping the memory short so she could listen in further and exit speedily at the right moment.

"We'll talk about that later then ... Sir. Isa out." He cut the comm and grinned inwardly. ~~Yes indeed, we can discuss that some time later.~~ He nodded to Val. "You have a couple of minutes."

"Thank you," the CENG replied almost happy.

Val disappeared quickly, very quickly. She was not giving the doctor another chance to change his mind.    


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