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By Nouri and Myth

Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Six
Stardate: 200606.2329
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

LTjg Richards went to Sickbay to interview the four new passengers. Three were from COMSTA Alpha Seven Omega and one was from the Maersk Nexo. ( Please click here to see an image of this Merchantman Class vessel) Unfortunately, when she arrives they are all either sleeping or unconscious. LT Jenna Maison, the person she most wants to talk to, has suffered two strokes and doesn't look like she is going to make it.

The Captain is also unconscious in Sickbay, being treated for an odd fever and infection. He is under watch to see if the part of the brain that the infection has weakened would turn into internal bleeding.

The Captain finally regains consciousness. He mumbles something in Deltan again and his eyes open.

LTjg Richards turns away from the unconscious Lieutenant, intending to report back to the bridge with the news that the interrogation would have to be postponed. The mumbling catches her attention and she spots the Captain. "Hello, sir."

The man smiles, recognizing the voice. He switches to language he just heard and replies, "Hello."

"Hi. Um ... is there anything I can do for you sir?" After all, she rationalizes, it can't hurt to offer and this way she could keep an eye on Maison for a bit longer.

He becomes more lucid and asks, "Status report? What did I miss?"

At least that was an easy request. Richards quickly outlines the recent events to update the Captain. "Also, I came to debrief the visitors, but... sh- they're unconscious, so I'll have to come back later." She doesn't add that later might not come, at least for Maison.

"Any potential problems with them? I want everyone checked out well," he asks.

"I checked them, sir. So far... " She sighs. "Lt. Maison is a potential problem, but she won't be going anywhere for a while," 'if ever' she adds to herself.

"What are your thoughts on her?" he asks, hearing a change in her voice that might mean something important.

"I've only had the chance to speak with her briefly, sir, and she wasn't in the frame of mind to answer many questions." In fact, she'd been a little hysterical. "I... would feel uncomfortable trusting her though."

"Be careful with all of them. This is a dangerous time for the Eagle. Is anyone else near enough to hear us?" he asks.

Richards raises an eyebrow in surprise, but she checks that the coast was clear before answering softly, "No, sir." The other patients are unconscious and the staff is occupied on the far side of the room at the moment.

"Good. I spoke with the XO and told him so he knows. Jim concurs that is best for the ship for me to not step down yet," he says.

"I'm glad to hear he's been informed, sir." Glad was an understatement. Relieved came closer. Now the Captains 'condition' wasn't her responsibility to worry about!

"I am getting my memory back. Slowly. But enough to begin to know more of what has happened," he tells her.

"That's good too, sir." When the Captain didn't continue she added, "Captain, I'm sorry, but if there isn't anything else, I need to report to the bridge..."

The man falls asleep, but then mumbles, "Richards?"

"I'm still here, sir," she replies.

"Please be careful. We may have a threat from among our own. Nothing can be overlooked as a possibility at this dangerous time," he says.

"I'll keep an eye open, sir," she assures him quickly.

The man mumbles further, " ... especially this next week," Then he drops back off to sleep.

'This next week? ... What the heck is that about?' She pushed that question aside to say her good-byes. "Goodnight sir."

The feverish man mumbles an odd reply, "Oatmeal cookies."

Elsewhere in Sickbay...

LCDR Szon is still asleep but becoming very agitated. "Why can't I wake up? What has happened to me?!" he yells in his sleep.

Nurse Capella goes over to Szon. "Hmmm, this is odd," she says out loud to herself. There was something familiar and disturbing about one of the scans.

She calls out, "Doctor?"

"That little peak in the brain wave... " the Nurse explains pointing at it. "I have a bad feeling about that..."

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