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LT Harry Sullivan, AMO & Yeoman Naomi Tsundra

By Unstoffe and Nouri


Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Five
Stardate: 200606.23
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay
(Two hours and forty five minutes later after the last log)

Dr. Sullivan enters Sickbay to go on duty, but before he has a chance to check in, there is a commotion. He turns and sees the CO being brought in. The Captain is carried to a biobed and put down. He goes to assist.

"What happened?" he asks while examining the CO with his tricorder. A nurse sets up the monitor.

"Fever? Infection?" he wonders out loud seeing the sweat and pallor and knowing about the previous open head injury.

"I don't know. He said he was tired and going to rest. Then I went to get him and I could not wake him up," Yeoman Tsundra replies.

"How long ago was that?" Dr. Sullivan asks.

"About two hours. He..." she pauses and starts again, "was adamant that I wake him up in precisely two hours." It is only now she realizes how odd he was when he gave the request and how earnestly that he said he it was important and was counting on her.

Dr. Sullivan checks the CO's blood for any hints. Definitely, it was an infection. There were also high amounts of what he knew to be the chemicals from some of the CO's herbal remedies. "Did he complain of a headache or fever?"

"No sir, why?" she asks.

"His blood- menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate, camphene, limonene, isomentone, piperitenone, pulegone, saponins... " he replies filling the hypo with a strong antipyretic and broad spectrum antibiotic.

"Anything else? Any other possible symptoms? Dizziness?" he asks administering the drugs.

"Yes, but he's been dizzy since he regained consciousness," she replies.

Sullivan frowns.

"Comprehension? Did he seem all right before you left him?" he asks.

"Yes, sir. Just tired... Oh wait, he raised the heat in his quarters, but he often did that for people from warmer planets than ours to make them feel more comfortable when they visit. Maybe he was cold instead? I didn't think anything of it at the time. It's not unusual for him to drop his normal settings for the Andorians or raise it for the Vulcans, " she answers.

"Very well then. Thank you," he replies.

"Let me know if I can be of any more help," Yeoman Tsundra says.

"Don't doubt it. I will," he says, motioning her to leave.

Yeoman Tsundra gets out of the way, but stays near by. She watches the monitor until the fever drops and the CO's vital signs begin to improve. She then leaves a message at the nurses station where she can be found and heads back to the Captain's quarters. There was something important, very important, that she forgot to do before leaving his room earlier.

Dr. Sullivan pushes some buttons to get the Captain's records, but the computer won't retrieve the records.

"Nurse, get me all the reports about that substance that covered the Captain in the accident. I want to see if anything was in there to cause an infection and if so what kind," he asks.

"I am sorry, sir. They are gone. The CMO's been trying to get it retrieved. It was lost with some of the other Sickbay data from Dr. Arnold's virus." (Dr. Arnold was a Romulan spy that successfully planted a virus in the ship's main computer while he was onboard. Please see for more details)

"What? Fetch me a sample then of his uniform then," he orders.

"Sir, it's gone too. The CMO tried that also. We can't find it," she explains.

"How peculiar!" Dr. Sullivan exclaims.


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