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Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos, CO & Commander James Alan Cline, XO    


Title:  A Matter of Time, Part Three
Stardate: 200605.11 
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Briefing Room

The CO and XO are in the briefing room off the side of the bridge. The man known as the Captain has been struggling with a few things since the accident in the Cargo Bay. One of them is his memory loss.  The other is what memories have returned. He finally confides in his friend about part of one.

"I may be a liability when it comes to knowing things that have happened on the Eagle. That lack of continuity could cause some problems, serious problems. I'll need you to look out for where these problems could be and compensate. This includes our destination. I don't know the coordinates to drop off our spy. I am prepared to step down on my own if I feel this will jeopardize the ship," he explains.    
The XO takes the padd from the Captain. "If you were to step down, then are you planning on the truth or making a plausible excuse?" Jim asks as he looks over the information.

"You know me. I don't like to lie. Will you be able to handle things like they are for now?" he says not answering the question. It was true he did not like to lie but what he was beginning to think that what might be the truth didn't make any sense. ~What is the truth and why do I feel I must hide it when I find all of it?~ he wonders.

"Yes, sir. I believe so. After all, I always have you to use as a sounding board," Jim offers support.

"Thank you. I'd like to have some more time to sort this out, but I don't want things to go adversely because of it," Nouri explains. He knows he is taking a gamble and hates every moment of it. But, as he began to get more of his memory back, he  was able to see that something much larger needed to be protected and kept out of the records.

"I am literally here to serve you. And unofficially, I consider myself your friend and will do anything I can, you know that," Jim says.

"Thank you.   I've been working on a few things, in case. Is there anything that you need me to finish up while I can? Any area you question or feel you need a briefing on?"  Nouri asks.

"I can't think of anything right off, but I'll get back to you if I do," Jim replies.

"OK. Good," the man says.

"Perhaps we could have some sort of code word or gesture in case you get into a fix where you are drawing a blank and I could try to step in. Like in conversation or normal protocol. Not for the big things of course," Jim suggests.

Good idea. I'll scratch my left arm and tug on the sleeve," Nouri replies. He also suggests a code word.

"Works for me. Anything else, Sir?" Jim asks.

"No," he says looking very tired. He had over done it and now was going to pay the price. All this activity was getting to him.

"Maybe you can get some rest," Jim suggests.

"Yes, I am starting to get a headache," he replies.

"Shall I call someone for you? I can ask Perky back," Jim offers.

"Yes, call someone, but get Yeoman Tsundra instead," he says. He had memorized the way from the bridge to his quarters already and knew he could do it alone. He had always had a good memory for things like that but he was feeling shaky and wanted to avoid Sickbay. Having Naomi with him would help.

"I'll go do that, sir, and get the information off the bridge," the XO replies. He wonders briefly, if it is odd that the Captain and Yeoman Tsundra have spent so much time together both during and after the anomaly.

"Thank you," the man says.

"Anything else, sir?" the XO asks.

"No, thank you very much," he replies.

"OK," Jim says as he leaves.

SWISH!  The doors shut.

The man hears the door shut.

He leans back and exhales.

~That hurdle's over and now for the next - getting to my quarters and staying out Sickbay until it's time. Then I must figure out what is happening, why I am here and how I got here,~ he thinks.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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