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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Title: The Uniform, Part Three
Stardate: Unknown
Location: Elsewhere
Setting: Sickbay
Chronology: Concurrent with

By now the man is starting to get some clues to some questions he needs answered. It is obvious to him that it would be unwise to ask most the questions directly.

"How long until I can leave here?" the man asks.

The CMO laughed. "No one just leaves here. Are you dizzy?" he asks.

"Yes," the man lies. ~Better for them to think I am sicker than I am,~ he thought, hoping that the telepath was not around or would not say anything..

"There's some nerve damage and inner ear disturbances - nothing permanent, but unusual," the CMO says looking at the old scans, not bothering with any new scans. "I may do surgery again, but your recent surgery is healing very slowly. I have to wait for that and orders," he said.

"How long have I been unconscious?" the man asks.

"About a week," the doctor replies.

"A week??" he says in surprise. Although he is trying to control his emotions and be neutral, he is clearly thrown off by this.

"Yes, you were unconscious for quite awhile. I'm still trying to figure out why. What do you remember?" he asks. He notices that the Commander is having a lot of trouble remembering, but knew that he could be faking it or some of it. He could not  tell for sure as the young  telepath they coerced into working for them by kidnapping her child had fainted with exhaustion a few minutes ago and been sent to her quarters for rest.

"I remember going to bed and waking up here," the man replies being careful to repeat the same thing he said earlier.

"That's all?" the CMO asks and frowns. "Are you sure you remember going to bed?  Specifically?" he asks, puzzled himself. He had read the reports of the attack on the prisoner's small craft. By that account, LCDR Nicholas Wei had put up a good fight the day he was captured.. ( At a minimum, the man seemed to have lost the memories of most of the day, not just the minutes leading up to the accident. Temporary, or even permanent loss of the last few minutes was not bad, considering the damage he had suffered, but beyond that it was troubling.  The Admiral needed the device that the prisoner had hidden and he needed it soon. Since the Admiral was neither nice nor patient, the pressure to produce a speedy recovery for the prisoner such that he could survive interrogation was intense and threatening.

The man tries to glean some hint from the sound of the CMO's voice as what to say. ~What really happened?~ he wonders. "Yes," he replies anyway, trying to sound sure. Telling him the truth of what little he remembered didn't seem like a good idea. He surmised that the doctor, or whatever he was, certainly would never let him leave if he did. ~If I could somehow get to a computer unnoticed, it would probably answer some of my questions,~ he thought.

"What happened this last week?" he asks. He is hoping that this would be another way to get some information he needs without asking directly. It is also a way to get the subject changed.

"Nothing that matters to you," the doctor says.

The AMO sent on the uniform mission quietly returns and sets the dirty uniform on the table near the bed.

The man feels the air change as someone enters the room and leaves. It is a blurry whir to him. He has no idea who came in or why, but it was the least of the disturbing puzzles before him.

Then the man saw another blur of something darker in the air come towards the bed he was on, but then it disappeared.

"Change," the CMO orders.

"What?" The  man asks.

"Your uniform," the doctor says.

The man felt around for it on the bed and picked it up.  Then he felt it to learn what it looked like. ~How strange? How can this be a uniform?~ he thinks.

"Everything here? " he asks.  The garments didn't feel heavy enough to be a uniform and there were no obvious bits of metal.

"We are not fools. Your phaser and communicator are gone, for all it matters," he replies.

~Well, there's two answers at least,~ he thinks. ~I can exam them in further detail with less suspicion when I change.~

The man changes shakily. He is having trouble staying conscious. He tries to feel the other markings on the uniform in more detail. It didn't seem like a uniform at all. There was some tight fitting shirt, a tight fitting jacket, well sort of a jacket. There weren't any pins on the sleeve or shoulder. There were three non-functional buttons on the collar. One seemed to feel different from the other two. The pants were very stretchy. At least the boots were boots. Unlike the rest of the pieces, there was nothing goofy about them.

The man sighs. None of it makes any sense. The uniform wasn't a uniform and whatever he is, he knows he isn't a lieutenant commander.  He knows at least that much.

~Hmm maybe the false buttons are some sort of ranking system. If so, then the three buttons are pips and related to the lieutenant commander rank,~ he speculates.

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