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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Title: The Man, Part Three
Stardate: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Chronology:  Previous to the current sims
Concurrent with

A man awoke in the darkness.

He did not know where and when he was.

He sniffed the air. He was in an infirmary or hospital of some sort.

He listened carefully for clues and tried to feel anything distinctive about his environment.

~So this is a Sickbay,~ he thought as a familiar type vibration told him he was on a starship, but it was very different somehow. He sensed around some more without opening his eyes. ~Something is wrong. Something more than just the vibrations and smell. What kind of odd ship is this? Which ship and headed where?~ he wondered, opening his eyes a tiny crack to be cautious. He saw light stream in but everything was fuzzy. He instinctively blinked to clear the images. It didn't work. "Ooof!" he said aloud without thinking as he tried to get up.  He had wanted to be quiet and get up to explore where he was in case he was alone. Something just did not feel right about where he was. It was hard to explain the feeling. It was more than just something was out of place.

~I must be a patient here,~ the man guessed as the first stabs of a painful headache reached his waking mind.  

A deep man's voice, belonging to the CMO, boomed out of the void. "Don't get up," it said. "I don't want to have to patch you up again."

As the man became upright on his head flooded with an unbearable pain. "Aiyee," he muttered under his breath, grabbing his head. He tried to get in a sitting position from another angle, one hopefully more favorable to his head and thinking. He kept his eyes tightly shut.

"Told you so," the voice said.

The man found a better position. His head still hurt, but not as bad and he opened his eyes. He tried to look around but could still only make out light and very fuzzy shapes. He blinked and waved his hand in front of his face. He could not see it from the other blurs.

"You can forget trying to see anything. You are blind, Commander, and going to stay that way for a while," the CMO's voice said as if it were a good thing.

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