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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: Per Chance to Dream, Part Four
Stardate: 200603.07  
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's quarters

"I am here," Nouri replied as he came up beside her. " Right here," he said to try and make her smile.

T'Nar looked at him but could not see him. She smiled holding out her hand and fingers in a traditional ta'al between married Vulcans and moved them to the location of the sound of her husband's voice. She spoke for a brief second of the ni'var (the duality of things of two halves that make a unity) and how he did that for her. She barley touched her husband's fingers with hers when her body went limp.

"T'Nar!" he shouted, catching her. He looked for her pulse. It was weak and erratic.

"No!" the he yelled.

The alarm changed timbre.

Beep! Beep! Beep!
Hull breach in four minutes.


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