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Title: Per Chance to Dream, Part Three
Stardate: 2000603.07
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's quarters

And as it often happened in dreams things, shift inexplicable making only sense to the dreamer while in the dream...

It was dark....

It was dark and smokey. The only lighting for the doomed shuttle was provided by the fires that ravaged the shuttle and the bursts of light from exploding machinery and a few usable work stations.

The alarms blared:
"Abandon ship.
All personnel to life pods.
Warning: Life support failing
Warning: Emergency illumination off-line
Warning: Hull breach in thirty minutes at current rate of decay
Abandon ship."

In the passenger's sleeping quarters, there was no light at all. Ensign Nouristao Kematsopoulos struggled to regain consciousness and lucidity.  He was slightly concussed. "T'Nar," he said softly over and over. He tried to concentrate. Remember. Remember training. Concentrate. Get up. He tried and fell back down. The young ensign groaned and tried to get up.  His head hurt. He struggled to think. Think. What is going on? What happened? He started where he could remember clearly and hoped the rest would come to him.

~~Left the USS Enterprise A. Enroute to new assignment on ... on Algonquin. Transport shuttle. I am passenger on a transport shuttle. T'Nar. T'Nar was here as crew! Finally proposed. Married. After all those years finally, we got married. She went on shift and I went to sleep,~~ he recalled the events that he could.

~~Then something must have happened. Accident? Klingons? Anomaly? Think. Think. Yes, that was it. THINK!  Wake up. Wake up. Get up. She needs you. You know she needs you. You can feel it through the bond. The bond. Yes, that is it. She is alive!~~ he rejoiced in his thoughts.

Nouristao struggled to his feet and tried to clear his head. As he got up his head was dizzy and the was room spinning but his thoughts no longer were. He knew his beloved was supposed to be on duty now, that is if he had guessed the time right. She was scheduled to fly the shuttle during his sleep period. Either way, as an assigned part of the shuttle crew, it was "logical" that she be there.

When he made it into the corridor between the passenger section and the operations deck, it was also pitch black. He tried to remember of detail of the shuttle as it had been the day before and methodically counted out his fast steps, reached the first juncture, he turned and counted again. He did this using his memory, and his kinesthetic and other senses as he had been taught so many years ago.

"T'Nar!!!" he shouted and fell over with a coughing spell from inhaling all the toxic air. He stumbled over the debris strewn about the operations deck and made it to the sealed doors of the bridge.  They would not move. His hands searched the bulkhead to the right of the doors.  His fingers found the outline of the access panel.  He removed it and pulled hard on the override lever.  The seal broke, but the doors stalled after moving few centimeters. His arms straining, he forced them apart. The doors yielded.

He entered and shouted in the Vulcan language, rapidly drawing more toxic air into his lungs, burning them further as he knew would happen. He didn't care. He had to find her. That need overrode all sense and logic.

"T'Nar? T'Nar! Where are you?" he screamed himself hoarse and doubled over.  Despite the klaxons, the roar of the flames and sick groaning of the hull, he thought he heard her voice.

The bridge was not large but it had suffered the worst of whatever had ravaged the transport.  The space between the door and the helm, where he hoped to find T'Nar, was blocked with debris.  He went as fast as he could.  He nimbly dodged a set of exposed cable swinging from the overhead and climbed over a body he guessed was the transport's Captain from a flash of white on his sleeve.  He got closer to where he thought his wife's voice was located. There was more light available now and he was able to avoid more of the wreckage. He shouted again, "T'Nar!!!." Where are you???

"I am here,"she replied calmly in Federation Standard, her even tone of voice belying the gravity of the situation and the extent of her injuries.  She was a meter away at most, seated resolutely at the helm.

"You must evacuate now," she continued, no emotion present in her voice.

"I will NOT!! " he said defiantly as he tried to push past the last layer of wreckage. He could occasionally catch a glimpse of her face when the emergency lights began to flash on intermittently. Nouristao could not see her clearly yet. He had another fit of coughing. "Concentrate. Concentrate on breathing," he told himself.

"Leave me or you'll die," she said. "There is no logic in a wasted death."

Nouristao tripped and cursed, not the fall, but the logic. He was going to get her out of here, one way or another. And her blasted logic could go up in blazes like this ship, he thought. That and her bigoted Aunt were the reason they had been separated so long.

Nouristao spat out as loud as he could manage, "Less logic in TWO wasted deaths. YOU are getting out. I am NOT going to lose you again." 

"I ---," he started to say something more but the shuttle heaved violently again, ravaged by a still unknown assailant. Then there was a loud popping noise.  Nouristao did not get to finish the sentence.

"S'Tao??" she called out.

"Adun (Life partner) ! Where are you?" she shouted as her Human side struggled to the surface of her fabricated Vulcan veneer.      

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