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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek                     
Captain Kematsopoulos, CO  & LCDR Laleilalii, CMO


Title: STARDATE 200510.30
Location: The Star Light Road, Derelict two, D2
Setting: Room next to the Stasis Room

The Captain, CMO and  Ensign Glenn have just escaped the stasis room only to find an active arnwahk there to greet them!

The sound fills the air.  The arnwahk drops off blissfully to sleep. Captain Kematsopoulos picks it up carefully, but is grinning broadly like an eight year boy. He shuts it off, and drops it in his gear bag. He turns his comm back on.

~~Avoid talking if possible. Did it make it in? If so, what came in the other room? Do you know yet?~~ he thinks at the CMO as she had taught him and watches for her reaction. He was also cautious not to make any sounds that might be heard by some unknown creature with an unknown hearing range. He hopes it couldn't hear the frequency used by the arnwahks.

The CMO nods and motions in reply that It made it in there and that she thinks It was large, whatever It was that took Glenn.

The Captain looks around quickly for escape routes, places to fight and make a stand, or hide.  ~~We need to go.  There's a hatch near this cabinet. ~~ he thinks at her again as he scoops up more "hibernating" arnwahks and tucks them into his sack.

Together the CO and CMO get the hatch opened and get Ensign Glenn to the other side. As luck would have it, they find the Vulcans/Proto Romulan's Sickbay. The CO and CMO work swiftly together to set up some fast defenses and ready an ancient version of the modern antigrav stretcher to move Glenn.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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