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CDR James Cline, XO and Ensign Petrescu, ASCI


Title: STARDATE 200510.26
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge
Joint Log: Unstoffe and Nouri

The XO, CDR James Alan Cline, is on the bridge. He is talking to the alien inhabiting LTjg Sarroff.

"Tressa, what has gone too far? What plan have you been up to?" the XO asks trying to get to the bottom of the matter.

"We have taken your vessel and your living crew to use them as tools. I am so so sorry . . . We were promised . . ." Sarroff's voice trails off.

James listens to Tressa as he watches the guard working over Lily. "Promised what?" he asks to try and speed her along.

"We were promised the creatures here would not be harmed, that you would not be harmed," replies Tressa.

"And what would you get out of this . . . this borrowing of our bodies?" the XO asks.

Tressa speaks just one word, "Revenge."

Then she quickly adds, "..and peace."

The medic attending to Ensign Petrescu, interrupts the XO questioning. "Sir, she 's  (Ensign Liliana Petrescu) dehydrated and has an electrolyte imbalance," he announces.

"And the blood?" the XO asks, worriedly.

"I am pretty certain it is from hitting her head when she collapsed," he answers scanning the wound.

"Yes, minor cut.  The blood It makes it look worse than it is," he explains. "I should really get her down to SB2.  She should be all right, but I would like Dr. Sullivan to make sure that the baby hasn't been injured."

The XO cares deeply for Lily but was distracted trying to watch Tressa/Sarroff very carefully with the phaser. The last thing he wanted was the aliens to take over the bridge again. It looked like it was possible that Tressa could help the Eagle crew but he wasn't going to take any chances. He asks a bit absently, "What baby are you talking about?"

"Well, hers, of course.  At least that's what the tricorder shows.  It's not usually wrong when the fetus is this far along," he explains as he begins to position Lily on an antigrav stretcher.

The XO is shocked. He has completely forgotten about Tressa for the moment. He reaches for the comm button, +Bridge to SB2, SB2 Can you hear me?+

Dr. Sullivan replies, +SB2, here.  Yes, sir, I am here,+

The XO exclaims anxiously, +Sully!!! There is a baby in Lily! And ...and ...well she's unconscious and on her way. Make room to treat her ASAP and check out that baby!+

+I say, XO, calm down.  You sound very excited. We're a bit crowded down here, but of course I can find room. Are you saying she's pregnant?  Odd turn of phrase, that - "There is a baby in Lily",+ Dr. Sullivan asks.

+Yes, pregnant,+ the XO repeats.

+Aye, sir.  I am standing by,+ Dr.Sullivan acknowledges as they both cut the comms.

CDR Cline turns to the medic, "You heard him, get her out of here and to him ASAP."

"Yes, sir!" the medic replies as he takes her off the bridge.

The XO turns his attention back to his prisoner. "Tressa, I want some answers," he orders.

LTjg Sarroff's body tries to get up, but is dizzy  and shaking.

"Your bodies are much weaker than the last aliens we tried, but your spirits are much stronger," Tressa groans, slumps back down and sits in another position.

The XO walks over to her but doesn't get to close. "So, again I ask you, what was the purpose of this body snatching and was there a benefit to be had for us?" he asks with the phaser still trained on her.

"To help us. We not only want revenge but peace," she explains.

"Revenge and peace with whom? I have questions and your answers are rather evasive," he says strongly.

((That's those typical alien invading body snatchers from TOS! They are always pesky and enigmatic.!!  ;o) ))

"With them - the aliens who created this weapon," she explains.

"What aliens would they be? And what weapon? IS my crew still in danger?!!" he demands to know.

"Yes. We (your kind and mine)  are all still in danger. I am sorry we called you to the wormhole," she says remorsefully.

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