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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek                     
Captain Kematsopoulos, CO  & LCDR Laleilalii, CMO


Title: STARDATE 200510.18
Location: The Star Light Road, Derelict Two, D2
Setting: Stasis Room

In the converted Stasis Room, Captain Kematsopoulos transmits the code to his Chief of Security to disable the armed Vulcan guard bot located in D2's main engineering room via the personal communications systems in the protective suits.

"Transmission in 3 seconds, 1 . . .  2 . . ." the CO voice booms over the speaker as the Chief of Security turns off his receiver.

The Captain transmits the signal to put the arnwahk into standby mode.

((It sounds like this

As Captain Kematsopoulos listens to the familiar hum of this strange, versatile device Uncle Stavros gave him (See a picture of Uncle Stavros here : ), he recalls briefly the time when he was young and his parents made the mistake of letting Uncle Stavros take him for what was supposed to be a few days and turned out to be nearly a year. He especially remembers the time at the circus on Argolan XII when Uncle Stavros used this odd device called a sonic screwdriver to free them from...


"Captain!" the CMO whispers and motions to get his attention as she senses a life form on the other side of the door trying to get in.

Just as Captain Kematsopoulos finishes transmitting the frequency, he looks up at the good doctor and her cause for alarm. Someone or something is trying to open the door he jammed while the CMO had worked on the fallen Ensign.  Not wanting to wait and find out who was there and if it would prefer to eat more of the Eagle crew than just Glenn, he motions to the CMO to move out to the attached room.  

(( ))

Grabbing Glenn, he rapidly heads out of the room. "Something's coming. Got to go," the Captain says over the personal comms in the suits even though he knew the CSEC may never get the message.He figures LCDR Unstoffe's receiver was probably still off as it was supposed to be. If CSEC forgot to turn it off, there was no way he was going to be able to hear him since hearing the frequency broadcast via the communicators from one suit to another caused a deafening feedback loop. Still maybe there was a chance he turned it back on.

Glenn slips again.

"Theos, I wish these suits weren't so heavy and I could get a good grip. Oooooof," Captain Kematsopoulos groans.

Seeing Glenn fall again, the CMO wants to yell the obvious, to be careful, but she is afraid that whatever life form is out there might hear them. The Moebian concentrates on whatever is behind the door (( number two)).  She couldn't tell much about it yet except it was large and angry. (Now remember with her being under four feet tall, most everything is larger to her. ;o )  )

Unfortunately, unable to do anything better immediately, the CO decides to drag Glenn. As he does so, he tries to think of a better way to carry him. He didn't want to leave any clues for whatever it is that is trying to open the door. If he tries to fix that now they'd be dead assuming the thing trying to get in is the one that deposited Glenn in the makeshift larder. ~ Best to get at least another door in between us and it,~ he thinks.

The Captain makes it in with Glenn and shuts the door quickly. He looks up. The CMO is staring in the corner and trying not to move. "Arnwahk, " she says breaking the silence .

"Don't move," the CO orders as he puts Glenn down very carefully. The Captain moves slow towards the arnwahk but not in a direct line as he reaches for his  sonic screwdriver...He twists it on. (( Again we hear

As he does so, whatever is trying to get into the Stasis Room - does.

Dr. Laleilalii's attention shifts there for a moment. She could tell that it, whatever it is, is confused and upset that its latest frozen entree had wandered off. She tries harder to perceive it...was it sentient? ~No!~ she thinks to herself. She didn't want It to be sentient...

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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((Note: The use of a sonic screwdriver to solve science fiction dilemmas and the image for Uncle Stavros are from Dr. Who. This is not to imply a crossover sim between Star Trek and Dr. Who but to have a little fun spoofing that BBC show. We have several fans from that science fiction show and for BBC's Red Dwarf so you can find many allusions to those shows in our stories as spoofs or gags. Look carefully and you will also see references and Star Wars and Lost in Space in some of our stories. One of our favorites is the classic, "I have a bad feeling about that."))