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CDR James Cline, XO and Ensign Petrescu, ASCI


Title: STARDATE 200510.26
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge
Joint Log: Unstoffe and Nouri

The XO, CDR James Alan Cline is on the bridge. He has just fought with LCDR Asimov and won the phaser and control of the bridge again. He points it at the possessed crew member.

CDR Cline and Ensign Petrescu have noticed earlier that three crew members are not being controlled in the same manner as the rest. There is sorting different about how Ensign Insin, LTjg Sarroff and LCDR Asimov have been taken over but they do not know what. In an earlier scene, Ensign Petrescu made a distraction and the XO and she fought these three as Dr. Sullivan's "cortical white noise distributor" did its job on the other possessed crew members on the bridge.

"Stop right there! Freeze!" CDR Cline orders.

The duty officer backs down, seemingly resigned to his fate.

"If you make even one move, I will fire upon you," the XO warns. His thoughts turn to Ensign Petrescu who was helping him take back the bridge.

"Lily? Are you all right?" he asks unable to see her and keeping a careful eye on LCDR Asimov.

She did not respond. Asimov remains still watching and waiting for his next move.

Jim was very worried and he broke his eye lock with Asimov long enough to look over to her "Lily?!" he exclaims. "Are you all right?" He sees her on the deck with no clear signs of what happened around her.

Asimov glares at the XO. "You will not succeed.  Our plans are too far along," he says as he inches closer to XO.

CDR Cline is upset about Lily and not willing to take any chances kicks him hard. "I said FREEZE!" he yells.

"Why?  What will you do, kill your friend?" says the alien controlling Asimov in an annoyingly calm and irritatingly smug, superior sounding voice. The alien had learned enough about us to know the XO would not want to kill the body of the person he was using and he was willing to play this card out. Having control of Sickbay proper so long and most of the top medical staff, the invading aliens had used this all to discover a new way to control the inhabitants of the Oberth and to avoid many of the side effects (zombie like state) of the people they controlled. The alien knew he could always find another body to control like this.

"Soon you will be one of us and this farce will end. I see your crew mate is hurt." Asimov looks pleased and nods at Lily, careful not to make a big movement.  "You should go to her," he says.

Keeping Asimov covered the XO carefully goes over and checks Lily. He determines she is unconscious and sees the blood upon her forehead. Fear for her life wells up within him.

Playing on the XO's fears the alien controlling Asimov says, "See if you do not help her, she will die."

Jim carefully goes to the come and toggles for SB2. "This is the bridge. We need medical help up here immediately," he orders.

Dr. Harry Sullivan's affable and unflappable voice pours over the speaker. "SB2 reporting in.  It's about time I was able to get through to you," he chides. "Pardon me for saying so, but where have you been?"

"Sully, we need help here ASAP, and any security you can grab on the way," he orders.

The AMO gives him the bad news, "Sir, there's only me down here at the moment.  I can't abandon all of my patients."

"Fine, Sully," James says tersely.

"I'll see if I can scare up someone," Harry says apologetically.

The XO turns his attention to LTjg Sarroff. "Are you all right?" he asks.

LTjg Sarroff starts to react at sound of XO's voice and become conscious.  She groans and mumbles, "Oh ... what happened??"

Suddenly Asimov lunges a kick at the XO aiming for the hand with the phaser to take advantage of the double distraction for CDR Cline. The phaser hits the deck and spins out of control, too far for the XO to reach. It finally stops spinning and ends up near LTjg Sarroff.

"Sarroff get that phasor and stun Asimov. That's a direct order!" CDR Cline yells.

Still on the deck, LTjg Sarroff opens her eyes and sees a phaser spinning at her. She is confused, but reacts and catches it by just slapping her hand over the top of it to stop it. She stares at it with one glazed eye and her head and body still on the deck.

During this time LCDR Asimov tries unsuccessfully to recover his balance from the kick which he overextended. The XO reaches out and grabs Asimov's foot and pulls him down. "Sorry, friend," he says trying to knock him unconsciousness as Asimov fights to land softly.

Still dazed, Sarroff bites her lip and pulls phaser towards her.

Undaunted the alien controlling Asimov forces him to continue and swings other leg in violent kick at the XO.

"Would you quit that?!" the XO yells successfully dodging the kick. "Sarroff!!" he continues, "Just toss me the phaser!!!"

The young lieutenant pushes herself up into a sitting position and holds the phaser oddly with two hands. It is unclear where she is aiming or even if she is aiming.

Asimov's low voice rumbles out, "This body is weak, but it still functions enough for our purpose." Then he rolls hard to get clear of fray and recover his footing.

James replies snarkily, "Oh? And what purpose would that be?"

"Ha! you should have figured that out by now," the alien taunts and causes LCDR Asimov to grin maniacally.

Just then, security guards exit the turbolift and spring onto the bridge.  Apparently, Dr. Sullivan was able to find someone without abandoning the care of his patients.

"Guard stun him," the XO orders pointing at Asimov. "NOW!" he yells.

The guards halt, confused at being ordered to stun a superior officer. One eventually replies, "Aye, XO."

With the time lag for his action, Sarroff reacts first. She aims as the guard verifies his phaser is on stun.

"And you," James says to other guard. "Check her out," he points at Lily.

"Aye, sir," he replies as he heads towards the young science officer.

The XO looks and sees Sarroff has picked up the phaser and is trying to aim. For a moment the he wonders... ~Who is Sarroff going to shoot? The guard? Himself? Asimov? No!!!! Lily????~

Vreeeeeeee!  ((

Sarroff fires!

Asimov hits the deck, stunned. She puts the safety on and spins phaser towards XO on the deck.

"Sarroff, thank you, I could just kiss you right now. . . I . . ." the XO stops mid sentence to grab the phasor on the deck.

"This needs to end now. It is wrong for us to use you so . . . What is your custom? Ah yes," Sarroff 's voice says matter of factly as alien inhabiting her figures it out and puts her hands up in air.

"Sarroff, do you remember anything? - What? You are still not yourself are you?" The XO is clearly shocked and aims the phaser at her instead.

At this point the rest of the bridge crew except for Insin and Asimov regain their senses and wonder what has happened.

The XO is dazed and confused and increasingly feeling like he's lost his mind. After the blow he had to the head earlier it was entirely possible. "Do you have a question?" he asks.

"She is dormant now," replies Sarroff's body top his earlier query.

"And you are?" the XO asks shocked finally figuring out that Sarroff was still possessed, but the alien came over to his side. ~Why?~ he wonders.

"Your bodies are so frail. Much more so than ours ever were.  May I put my arms down?" she asks

"Yes. What plans was Asimov talking about?" he says hoping she will tell him quickly so he can stop them.

"Names have been forgotten, disused for so long . . . Mine was . . ."

There is an awkward pause as the alien tries to remember being alive and having a name. The XO waits trying to be civil, but very upset and he wants to yell at her to hurry up.

"Mine ... was Tressa," Sarroff's body replies with a distant pained look in her eyes.

"Tressa, what has gone too far? What plan have you been up to?" the XO asks trying to get to the bottom of the matter.

"We have taken your vessel and your living crew to use them as tools. I am so so sorry . . . We were promised . . ." Sarroff's voice trails off.

James listens to Tressa as he watches the guard working over Lily. "Promised what?" he asks to try and speed her along.

"We were promised the creatures here would not be harmed, that you would not be harmed," replies Tressa.

"And what would you get out of this . . . this borrowing of our bodies?" the XO asks.

Tressa speaks just one word, "Revenge."

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