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Title: Joint Log: STARDATE 200510.10
Location: The Star Light Road, Derelict two, D2
Setting: Main Engineering Room

In the main engineering room of the Star Light Road, LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe and Ensign Leah Richards take on the arnwahk.

The Captain began the transmission that will put the arnwahk in suspend mode. It will be routed directly through CSEC's transmitter.  The team in the Engineering room turn off their personal recovering devices off to avoid a nasty and deafening feed back loop. LCDR Unstoffe is the last to turn his off.

"Transmission in 3 seconds, 1 . . .  2 . . ." the CO voice booms as CSEC turns off his receiver.

The Captain transmits the hibernate signal. ((It sounds like this

Down. Down. The arnwahk fell. The detonator and the explosives fell with the casing with the rest of the arnwahk lagging behind!

Horrors! There are enough parts and pieces exposed to detonate it anyway!!!

Leah gulped as the spidery bomb detached from Stu's helmet. Reflexively, she stuck her hands out and the thing dropped into her waiting (and somewhat shaky) palms.

Leah grinned when the bomb did not blow her hands (and body) to pieces. "Anyone wanna play hot potato?" she asked.

LCDR Unstoffe let out a noticeable sigh of relief and said, "Good work, Leah."

She nodded at LCDR Unstoffe's praise. "No prob, sir. Where ya want it?" she asked.

"I just looked up the CO's hint on my tricorder. ((
Seems that purple fuzz has high insulating properties,"  the CSEC reported with a tinge of excitement.  Apparently the new information was sufficient to address his subordinate's query.

"Really?" Evidently the purple stuff could come in handy. Leah filed that information away in her mind for future use. She also reminded herself to double check pocket lint for hidden attributes.

"Yeah. Comes from a plant native to Vulcan. If we stuff it around the damaged bits, it should keep them from contacting one another and effectively neutralize its detonator. That should keep it harmless even if some random signal wakes it up," he explained further and handed her some of the purple fuzz indicating where he thought it would be applied best.

Leah took the purple fluff form Unstoffe. "Sounds good." She carefully turned the bomb over and started stuffing its insides. "Thanks," she said.

The bomb, now resembling a Thanksgiving turkey (a light purple one), Leah set on the nearest work bench and wiped her hands off leaving purple fuzzies on her suit.

With the bomb safely sidelined, LCDR Unstoffe directed his team back to the task at hand, "Okay, now that problem is out of the way, we need to find whatever we can that's on this list."  He held up a padd with the inventory of parts Engineering needed to restore the Eagle and get them out of this graveyard.  

As Leah turned to join in the treasure hunt for useable parts, the stuffed bomb settled slightly. Fortunately the Vulcan fuzz did its thing and the room did not go up in a shower of sparks and star fleet personnel.        

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