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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

     Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: Eye of Evil, Part Ten
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge
Location: Star Light Road, Derelict Two, D2
Setting: Near Engineering

The remainder of the Away Team, still in their protective suits, arrives near the location where it is believed that main engineering is located. Ensign Valderkev is able to get the nearby station working to open the hatch but finds out the servos are shot and begins to take a manual approach.

As he does so the Captain shows the Chief Medical Officer some schematics he wants her to review.

"Doctor, here are the specs we pulled up for the stasis room. I am very interested in seeing who, if anyone, is still there and maybe perhaps the old units are still working and . . ," he starts to say.

The CMO sets aside what she'd been doing and takes a look at the specs, interrupting the Captain as was her custom. She frowns and says, "These are some pretty massive stasis units. It looks like they could keep a lot of people in there -- a lot of different species. I know there's not much to go by on here, but I'm getting a very bad feeling about this."

"We need to investigate this as soon as possible, I'm not liking this data. If it's not too much trouble, could we perhaps investigate this right now? This data and that resin is making me nervous," she continues fidgeting as if she were a child.

The Chief Security Officer, LCD Unstoffe turns to her and asks, "What do you think it is, Doc?"

"I don't know.  Something's not adding up.  Something's nagging the back of my mind," she replies.  

"Do you mean, you want to check out the stasis unit now, before we check Engineering for parts?" the Captain asks the CMO, not catching the urgency she tried to convey earlier.

"Now would be nice; get it over with, set my mind at ease. I need to go and see for myself.  Maybe I'm just getting tired and paranoid," LCDR Laleia-Lii says, her voice trailing off.

Never knowing the CMO's feeling's to be awry or her requests to be frivolous, Captain Kematsopoulos says, "OK, Commander take it in here. The CMO and I will proceed to the stasis room and see what's troubling her. Just don't get into any trouble."

"Aye, Kaptein," LCDR Unstoffe's replies stiffly, remembering the last time the CO left him in charge.

The Captain turns to the Doctor, "OK, let's go."

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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