Star Trek Sim / RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Ralph Anderson face, Human, Male, Red head, AENG for our Star Trek sim


Rank: Lieutenant (LT)

Current Assignment: Assistant Engineering Officer

Full Name: Ralph Anderson

Nickname (If any): Ralphy :-X

Date of Birth: 2/26/2273

Place of Birth: Earth

Parents: Unknown

Race: Human

Sex: M

Marital Status: Single

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Red

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 140lbs

Health: Fair

Education: Starfleet's standard education

Languages: English, French, Japanese, German (not all languages fluent)

Service Awards: None

Starfleet Career Summary: Quick and Painless ^^;;

History: Had sudden amnesia at age of 15 and was sent to Earth..... Afterward applied to the Academy..... and here I am

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