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Crew Logs:Chief Terrance Daniels, Transporter Chief for the USS Eagle

Title: The Race for Space: Mr. Unstoffe's Luck, Part Two
Setting: Transporter Room
Location: The USS Eagle

The yellow light flashed. The familiar duo of "beeps" was heard. The last party was about to be beamed up. Then nothing. Nothing at all.

The molecular imaging scanners momentarily lost the signal and the pattern buffer dropped its precious load.

"Oh *@&&@#!!" Daniels swore in the two languages he knew best, trying feverishly to get them back. "I'm ah gonna lose them," he yelled.

Chief Daniels agonized for the next three minutes trying to regain the patterns and bring LCDR Unstoffe and LT Anderson back. It was hopeless. The diagnostics he ran told him that their patterns were no longer on the alien transporter pad. He had lost them. There was nothing more he could do.

He opened a comm to the Captain and took a deep breath.

"Sir," he said in his heavy native Tennessee accent. " We have the eight scientists and the additional security attachment onboard."

"Good work, now...." Captain Kematsopoulos began and was interrupted.

Captain, I tried as best I could but that (weird and alien) storm. It sprang up outta nowheres and well ... it's Mr. Unstoffes and Anderson.... I lost them."

"Lost them?" the Captain repeated as his face blanched.

"Yes, sir. I tried and tried and there's ahno sign of them here and ahno signal for them down below. They are gone." the Transporter Chief said simply and with great finality.

Meanwhile below on the planet's surface. LCDR Unstoffe and LT Anderson had hopped off the alien transporter to try and boost their signal back to the Eagle. As they did so they were interrupted as two Bantos IV security guards burst into the room with weapons drawn.

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