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Title: More Questions than Answers: Adventure at Starbase Six, Part Two

Stardate: 200102.14

Setting: One of the many walkways

Location: Starbase Six


Nothing. Captain Kematsopoulos saw nothing at all. But he did hear a voice, a human's voice...


He hit the deck, bleeding and unconsciousness. One of the Romulans grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him into nearby room. The woman who had screamed was trying to fight her abductors but it was useless. She was brought against her will to the same room. Two more Romulans entered. Finally the last member of the group entered, a human who secured the door and would soon try to alter Starbase sensor records to disguise where they were going.

SHIMMER. The eight beings were gone.

The disguised Romulans, the woman and Captain Kematsopoulos materialized on a freighter scheduled to depart shortly.

The Romulans worked quickly putting a restraining device on the Starfleet Officer's and the beautiful, half-Romulan woman's wrists. Two of the Romulans carried the unconscious Captain down the stairs to a secure, dark room and deposited him there. Another two Romulans "escorted" the woman who was still fighting them every step of the way to the same room.

The Romulans all worked feverishly to finish their plans before departing. Speed was of the essence. Starbase authorities had just informed them there would be some delays in departure. They also saw what appeared to be searches being conducted on some of the near by ships. They could not afford to be caught at any cost.

Back in the cargo hold the half Romulan woman, unable to use her hands, kicked the unconscious human gently to rouse him. She knew that she would need all the help she could get out of this one.

"Wake up," she said softly and in perfect Federation Standard.

"Please wake up," she repeated much louder as she kicked him harder.

Finally, the human regained a tenuous hold on consciousness. His head was pounding so loud he could barely hear what she was saying. He opened his eyes and saw the faces of several beautiful women in the dark room. The faces become one for a moment until he realized he is seeing one woman who seemed seems familiar to him somehow but he could not remember where, when or why.

"How are you?" she asked in perfect Federation standard, concern showing in her voice.

The human was having trouble remaining conscious and answered in the language he knew best.

"Ngoh m sue fuk," Nouristao replied.

She stared at him oddly, but was happy he could talk at all. Nouri tried again to talk with her, picking another more familiar language.

"Eica ena tromopo ponokefalo," Kematsopoulos answered, still dazed and confused.

"They have taken our universal translators. Do you speak Federation Standard?"

"Nai er Yes. What happened?" he said, finally latching onto the right language.

"You took a hard blow to the head. I was worried you would not wake up.

My name is Lisa," she explained.

"Nn-ou-ri, my name is Nouri," he said with much difficulty.

Then the realization that something was all wrong finally hit him. He tried to get up and discovered his and her arms were restrained. He stared at restraining device and analyzed it for a moment. He was still groggy, but shifting his thoughts to a technical matter helped clear his head. He tried to get up again.

"No! Be careful. I do not think getting up is a good idea for you." Lisa said.

He concentrated hard trying to figure out what was going on and what course of action to take. With her help he staggered to his feet, leaning heavily against her as she positioned herself to help him up.

The Captain was now in possession of more of his senses but he still had trouble walking and seeing. He finally asked, "Why are we here and what is here?"

"Here is mm..their ship, the cargo hold I think. I am here because, well, it's a long story. I know this is hard for you to believe but I am a Federation citizen," Lisa replied.

She stared at his insignia. "Starfleet? Captain? Right?" she continued.

Captain Kematsopoulos was still having trouble focusing. "Correct," he said, sounding not quite sure.

"I think that you were just at the wrong time at the wrong place and they wanted some extra insurance for getting out of here. I was a deep undercover agent. Apparently, my cover was blown. You should not have followed us but I thank you. I was being abducted before I could give my final report to Federation authorities."

Still leaning on her heavily, they investigated the room together, looking for anything to help them escape or get a message out.

In the course of their conversation "Lisa" learned that Nouri did not remember a thing after he left his ship for leave.

Suddenly the sound of the hatch opening was heard. Whatever Lisa was going to tell Nouri, whether it would be more lies or more truth was interrupted. The two moved quickly back to the part of the hold, where they were put initially. Three sour and surly Romulans entered.

"See I told you he'd be fine," growled the first Romulan, speaking in his native tongue.

The second one stared intently at Nouri and how his face and eyes look, noticing the different size pupils and other signs of a serious head injury.

"He does not look well to me but let's not waste anymore time on this. Besides we just need the Starfleet Captain alive long enough to depart and escape to warp," the second Romulan said.

Nouri stared at the Romulans who spoke the whole time in the Romulan language, as if wishing to understand the conversation.

"Did he see the human spy with us, L'aerhannu?" the second Romulan asked.

"Why should I tell you?" Lisa/L'aerhannu asked defiantly.

He pointed at Nouri and said, "I could kill him now and leave him rotting here with you for the many weeks we have to travel back to Romulus."

"No, he did not," she answered, revulsed by their barbarism.

"Shut up fool. Maybe this human scum speaks Romulan. We don't want anyone to know about the other spies, not yet anyway," the second Romulan yelled at the first.

"So what if he can? It will do him no good," the first Romulan replied gruffly, clearly not caring at all.

"Thanks to that spy we found out about you, Lisa," another of the Romulan thugs said.

"She is wrong. I am loyal to the Empire. I report directly to the Praetor. Let me go and you will be rewarded," Lisa/L'aerhannu tried to persuade them.

The Romulans laughed at her. You are not getting out of this one. Not this time!

The Captain took advantage of the silence and tried talking with the Romulans. "Release us now. What do you want? Where are you taking us?..." he asked.

The three Romulans did not answer. They just laughed again and left.

When they were gone Nouri asked Lisa, "What did they say?"

She told him very little of what they said and mentioned nothing of the human spy that was involved or any other spies she knew of on the base or docked there.

Captain Kematsopoulos paused and chose his words carefully, "If we could get out of these restraints, then what?"

"There is a hidden access tube nearby. I did not mention it before. This is all pointless until we can get out of these," she said motioning to the greatest barrier to their escape by raising her arms with the restraining device.

Nouri grinned mischievously and flicked his restraint open.

"How did you do that?" she asked quite impressed.

Nouri flashed her his impish grin. He replied vaguely, "A misspent youth or a well spent youth depending on your perspective. No time to explain now.

Where is access tube you spoke of?"

She told him the location as he opened her restraint device. She kissed him thanking him for his help. To his great surprise, she gave him a second kiss, claiming that it was for good luck.

They left quickly through the tube together and began their plans for escape, making their way to the cockpit. The two worked exceptionally well together as a team and took out four of the Romulans. Nouri was still ill and having trouble walking and staying awake but managed to acquire a phaser along the way. And "Lisa" lost no opportunity to use every one of her charms on the dazed and injured man.

Finally they arrived at the empty cockpit.

Lisa/L'aerhannu went to the comms and explained to Nouri, "I will tell the remaining one to give up. You can cover me."

"Nai er Yes," he replied, becoming quite confused again from the head injury. All he wanted to do was sleep now. It was so hard to stay awake.

The woman stared at Nouri's glazed eyes and opened the ship's comms. She spoke in Romulan, "Get up here now or we will never escape in time. The human is with me. He has a phaser. Be careful and hurry. The Starbase authorities are searching the ships in this area. We cannot trust anyone now. We must get away fast and figure out what happened."

Nouri changed his location in the cockpit and where he aimed the phaser.

Now the phaser was trained on her.

Lisa was surprised. "You understand Romulan?" she asked.

"Yes, I began learning it shortly after I was born," the Captain replied.

The shock was apparent on her face.

"My parents' were a bit, er, um, eccentric. I learned the major Romulan dialect well before I learned Federation Standard," he explained.

Lisa/L'aerhannu recovered from her surprise and said, "Then you know..."

Nouri said solemnly, "Yes, you are a double agent for both the Romulan Empire and the Federation.

"I cannot allow you to leave, L'aerhannu," he said sadly. In front of him now was the first woman he had been attracted to since his wife's death. He told himself that he felt nothing more than that, hoping any thoughts of further feelings for her was merely a delusion brought on by being hit so hard on the head.

"Lisa. I prefer Lisa," she said convincingly.

Nouri sensed someone else enter the cockpit, but said and did nothing to give his perception away. "Please step away from the controls, Lisa," he ordered.

"Look out behind you," she replied.

Still pretending not to know that there really was someone behind him, he said, "Very funny. That was too fast for him to get here."

"Hna! (Now)," she ordered the other double agent who was onboard.

As the last few ships docked at Pylon 23 were searched, the remaining Romulan lunged at the Starfleet Officer. The Captain instantly felt the change of movement in the air and reacted.

Without turning around, Nouristao dodged and side stepped the assault successfully. The unsuspecting Romulan missed him and fell forward into the cockpit. Now both L'aerhannu and the Romulan were in front of him. He quickly trained the phaser on both of them.

Captain Kematsopoulos motioned with the phaser and ordered, "OK. Now send a message to my ship."

"I am sorry I cannot do that and I know he will not either," L'aerhannu said pointing to her accomplice.

"You have a big problem here. Just give us the phaser. We will get you to a doctor. I promise..." she looked sincere and stalled for time. She knew from his eyes and mannerisms, he could not maintain consciousness too much longer. She knew he knew it too. All she had to do was wait it out and she could get away. Hopefully that would be enough time before authorities came to search her ship. If not, she and her accomplice would do something rash.

She could trust neither the Romulans nor the Federation to protect them now.

"This is not a problem," Nouri interrupted her.

Without any hesitation, he summarily fired at them both with the phaser set on stun. They crumpled and went unconscious.

Captain Kematsopoulos bent over the counsel. His right hand flew over the controls and sent the message; His left hand held the phaser ready and waiting for anything.

"Come in Eagle. This is the Captain. Lock in on the origin of this transmission. Three to beam over and more below. Have security ready.  Kematsopoulos out."

He left the comm link up to the Eagle and moved away from the two double agents, still not quite sure what was going on. He leaned against a bulkhead, trying to remain awake and upright until help could arrive or they all beamed out.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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