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Guest Alien Log: L'Asaha

Title: More Questions Than Answers: The Call to Mourn, Part Six
Location: Sandokhan Alpha Base
Setting: At entrance the Holy Catacombs

    L'Asaha, the mighty high priestess of the Sandokhans continues the rites for their newly dead. The Sandokhan faithful carry their dead in biers laden with exotic flowers and waving banners with images of their dead and favorite saints. The chanting is reverential and the incense inviting. The biers, banners and people sway back in forth to the music. The smoke from the censor wafts lazily into the air making a series of interconnected half circles. The candles flicker slowly.

    They all process in a grand stately manner toward the Holy Catacombs. L'Asaha motions to the others to begin a new part of the funerary services called, "The Call to Mourn". They will gather up both believers and non-believers to mourn and honor the dead as the dead join their ancestors in entombment. The cantors change the chants and deaconess changes the incense. The candles seem to respond to those changes and flicker faster in response to the heightened pace.

    The funeral procession winds along the tunnels until the High Priestess feels something unusual ... something ... something ... alien. She stops.

    She looks around with her physical eyes and does not see anything. Through her role as priestess she "sees" an alien somewhere nearby, a female or maybe two. She steps up the ritual to draw her/them out. (Note: She doesn't "see" a picture of someone, just feel their presence.)

    Unknown to the Sandokhans, the CMO and AMO are hiding just barely out of site in a crevice right behind them. Both of the doctors are having a hard time not giving into "The Call " but the Moeban had the hardest struggle as those with telepathic abilities and closest to the chanting are the most vulnerable.

    The CMO is not a strong telepath but the cantors are practically standing on her feet. She tries hard to resist but finally succumbs, leaving the AMO behind.

    LCDR Laleia-Lii emerges from behind the sloping rock and joins the mourners in the back. She sways and chants with them, fully caught up in "The Call". They become as one people and one voice.

    L'Asaha turns and sees "the alien child" appear. She smiles. It was that the female child that those newly captured aliens brought with them. She moves the procession along and tries not to dwell on how sad a race these new aliens must be to bring children with them on their evil missions.

    The mourning party continues to call others to join in their sorrow and to entomb the dead. Then those newly called get others to join. The sphere of influence under control of "The Call" grows and grows like ripples in a pond.

    Suddenly, L'Asaha feels it again. Another alien!  Whoever this alien woman was she was not nearby and fought her attempts to draw her to them. This one she could tell from prior experience was highly telepathic and Galadonese. She smiles, that will make it easy to "Call" her.

    The Priestess turns her focus to catch this alien also. She increases the strength of "the Call". L'Asaha leans further herself into the ritual to "see" this person. She tries to extend her sphere of influence and get her to invite others near her if any.

    There was something odd in the victim's reaction to her. It is hard to pinpoint. Almost like a mother protecting a child. "How odd," she thinks. She continues to draw her will about her and press the woman with it and the will of everyone present. L'Asaha knows of no one who could escape "The Call" once it was "heard". She increases its strength again.

    The candles flicker wildly, casting dangerous looking shapes on the walls. The smoke from the incense roils furiously out of the censor into the air. The mourners reach a frenzied state. Success! The Empress is unable to resist any longer.

Guest Alien Log: L'Asaha

Title: More Questions Than Answers: The Call to Mourn, Part Seven

Location: Sandokhan Alpha Base
Setting: At entrance the Holy Catacombs

    L'Asaha enters the Holy Catacombs first. Done! The alien woman is broken. She now knows what she was protecting! There was another alien!!! A man...

    She leans in further to the ritual trying to differentiate between the two aliens. The woman's spiritual wounds were very fresh. The man's ran deep. "Good," she thinks. She could use those weaknesses to draw them to her.

    The rest of the mourning party enters with the CMO in tow. Her tricorder, still dangling from her hand, is still recording everything.

    L'Asaha shivers and nods to her deaconess to take over. "Could now be time of the Last Prophecy?" she wonders. She needed to get some answers.

    L'Asaha runs the ancient poem, "The Last Prophecy of Tarrook", through her head.

    She lingers on this part:

"In the darkness, where the dead things grow,
Among the dead, the six trying go
Among the dead, the four dying go
Is taken the one who shines blue. "

    "After I catch the man and woman and compel them to join us, there will be three aliens who will be in the Holy Catacombs," she thinks. (She does not know yet that the CO and Empress are already there and who came with them.) L'Asaha tries to find out what is happening and if there are three more people involved in this to give a count of six. She turns to the alien child that they captured a few days ago. "Tell me about yourself," she asks gently but firmly.

    The CMO is strangely compelled to tell her everything. "I am a Moeban... a doctor, the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Eagle..." she hears herself say as if it was someone else was talking.

    The Priestess reigns in her surprise and smiles. Now she was going to get some more answers and figure this all out! She nods to her deaconess to proceed without her.  Then suddenly ... she feels the woman she was trying to catch disappear and then the man. "What happened???" she wonders. She could not feel them any longer. "Where did they go? How could they get away?" she asks herself.

    "Why are you here?" the high priestess demands from the CMO hoping she might have some answers.

    "I was fleeing the Sandokhans with two small, sick Sandokhan children.  I was trying to help them.  They were both ill.  The youngest was very sick, nearly about to die.  I was trying to save his life...Your people are being poisoned.  I couldn't help him. His sister seemed to believe in a Lady In Blue who would 'save us all,'" the doctor explains.

    "Where is the Lady and what happened? " the priestess asks eagerly.

    "Hiding ... on a ledge ... with the Captain and the children...The youngest was healed ... by the Lady... " the CMO still under the spell of "The Call" continues to answer.

    "Who are the four dying?" L'Asaha asks trying to make sense of this in light of the Prophecy.

    "The Captain ... and the children ... and the Empress..." she lists.

    L'Asaha is both surprised and vindicated. "So the Lady is an Empress!" she thought. That could satisfy the part of the Prophecy that said "product of ancient king and queen".

    L'Asaha of course has no idea yet that the maid was the Empress of all Galadon in disguise. (Zahrina had done this to both protect herself and the peace proceedings. She had lied heavily about her true identity when she was captured to keep her people from paying a ransom or wiping out the Sandokhans. The Empress believed that if the Galadonese people knew what the Sandokhans had done to her and those with her that they'd be out for blood. Her people could easily transfer their hatred of the Tureth and their wishes to eliminate that race on the Sandokhans.)

    "Why are they dying? Take me to them!" L'Asaha both asks and orders.
    "They are dying because of a... a... ritual...that they could not complete immediately. They could not rest as we were fleeing and began to die. They had to rest then or die so we came here," she explains. Then LCDR Laleia-Lii still in a trancelike state, begins walking toward the CO, Empress, and children. L'Asaha follows her and thinks hard.

    L'Asaha counted to herself, Lady in Blue, two children, one captain, this doctor makes five". "I count only five where is the other one that was with you?" L'Asaha asks.

    "Other one?" the CMO replies distantly.

    "The other who came to you to this place where our honored dead are?" L'Asaha asks.

    "The AMO?" the CMO says hesitating. There were others on the Eagle that came to the tunnels but not to this place.

    "Yes. Where is she and were their others who came here?" the priestess asks.

    "She was on the ledge where I was...She did not join..." Dr.  Laleia-Lii replies

    "And who else was with you?" she asks, hoping to find that there were only six.

    "No one. There is no one else," the Moeban finishes.

    L'Asaha smiles triumphantly. That was six with four dying! The Prophecy will come true now! The Sandokhans will be saved. She needed to speak with the Lady in Blue immediately. She would ask the doctor about the poison along the way. The Prophecy took precedence over all.
Guest Alien Log: L'Asaha

Title: More Questions Than Answers: The Call to Mourn, Part Eight
Location: Sandokhan Alpha Base
Setting: At entrance the Holy Catacombs

The CMO, who appears totally under L'Asaha control, not only answers her questions but takes her to where she left the four. The Priestess is satisfied that the basic requirements of the Prophecies are met.

L'Asaha peers in the recess where the four sought sanctuary. She could see nothing but darkness. She hoists herself up onto the ledge. SPARKLE! The CO's wedding ring reflects the light from the torches into her eye. She looks harder and sees a ring then an outstretched hand. She moves to see the body it belonged to and discovers three others.

The priestess reaches to a pocket in her sari and takes out a small highly phosphorescent rock. She shines its light on the four bodies on the ledge. It casts an eerie green color on them. She examines the faces. She recognizes two of them - the Sandokhan children who had been a handful to control since they lost their parents. She knew that the boy was dying. He appears fine now. She is excited. "The time of the Prophecy is now!" she thinks.

L'Asaha went to move the inert bodies of the adult aliens. Their faces were hidden. She turns the male over to see his face. The man was a Galadon that she did not recognize. She removed a blanket from the face of the other. The woman was easily identifiable as the Empress of All Galadon!

Her heart and hopes sink. L'Asaha is disappointed. She had hoped that the woman was the Lady in Blue (Saffira) and that the man was the human captain. From the reports of the guards she had, they had both shone blue.

She revisits these parts of the poem in her head:

"In the darkness, where the dead things grow,
Things ne'er alive multiply
While wrongs of dead multiply
Is caught, the one who shines blue."


"In the darkness where the dead things grow,
Trapped by the paths that wind
Trapped by the things that bind
Suffers, the one who shines blue."

"The prophecy is not fulfilled, K'Arak has not taken any more people since the Federation aliens" she thinks. She could not understand why she was wrong. She had been so sure that the time was now. Maybe she misinterpreted caught and trapped as being captured? She struggles for a moment to reconcile her beliefs and interpretations.

L'Asaha of course did not know that the Empress had been traveling in disguise when she was captured as Saffira. When Zahrina accidentally partook of the Ankhanahkstoi she resumed her natural appearance. Neither did L'Asaha know that the Captain, to help keep the Tureth from attacking him on the planet, had been surgically altered to look like his old human self. The Ankhanahkstoi had "restored" him to what the it believed was his normal state according to the majority of his DNA - a Galadon. So when she looked at the two she did not recognize them as the two captured earlier by K'Arak.

"Perhaps it is not impossible after all for someone to lie to me who was
caught up in "The Call" or to feign being "Called". If these Federation aliens knew of the Prophecy they could fake all this easily with their technology. Perhaps that fool Kvark was right," she speculates. "If K'Arak find this out, his anger will be unbounded," she despairs.

The spiritual leader of the Sandokhans sighs. She already had enough trouble restraining him and the others from trying to wipe out all the aliens on her world.

L'Asaha prostrates herself and supplicates the Great One for guidance.

She desperately wants peace and fears it would never come.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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