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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Room Service, Part Four
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Setting: A specially modified Federation fast transport shuttle It was dark and smokey. The only lighting for the doomed shuttle was provided by the fires that ravaged the shuttle and the bursts of light from exploding machinery and a few usable work stations.

The alarms blared:

"Abandon ship.

All personnel to life pods.

Warning: Life support failing

Warning: Emergency illumination off-line

Warning: Hull breach in thirty minutes at current rate of decay Abandon ship."

In the passenger's sleeping quarters, there was no light at all. LTjg Nouristao Kematsopoulos struggled to regain consciousness and lucidity. He was slightly concussed. "T'Nar," he said softly over and over. He tried to concentrate . . .

Stardate: 2000101.26
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay
Time: 2293

"Commander. Commander?" asks the nurse that Nouri tries to avoid as she looks for him in the emergency lighting in Sickbay.

CDR Kematsopoulos wakes up and is disoriented for a moment from the dream. His momentary confusion is enhanced by the primary lighting being out.

"When am I?" he wonders.

"Commander?," the nurse queries.

"Yes," he replies, as he wakes up grateful to be released from the dream, but still not knowing quite what is going on.

As the woman who belongs to the voice comes closer, he sees Nurse Capilla squinting in the poor lighting of the waiting area. Nouri then realizes when and where he is.

"Good, there you are! XO, ship's power is out. Backup systems offline. Sickbay is relying on its emergency power cells. We are having trouble accessing any outside areas. The comm systems are down."

"Understood. We will regain contact the old-fashioned way.

Have a yeoman or someone act as runner to communicate with other departments. Get everyone to use their communicator to contact the bridge.

Get LT Schuler, our best communications officer, on duty ASAP to coordinate and handle the comm calls and assign different frequencies to different departments. I'll be on my personal frequency and head to the bridge. ((::Wonders why no one else has thought of this before::))

I want a report from other departments ASAP including what happened.Tell the yeoman that if shipwide power cannot be restored, priorities are life-support, comms and lighting," he orders.

"Aye, sir!" the nurse replies.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Tick, Tick, Tick, ...
Stardate: 2000101.13
Location: USS Eagle

Setting: Main Engineering

Engineering was busy getting ready for the underway as best as they could. Their new CENG was in Sickbay dying; their AENG1's location was unknown. Their previous CENG, the current XO, was ill, suffering from overwork, fatigue and exhaustion from running the ship in the COs absence. He was in Sickbay after just having brought in the CENG for emergency care. LT Donnner was in charge.

The Eagle's engineers prepared to install the new power conduits to the phaser system upgrade. As these new conduits created a redundant path from each of the Eagle's fusion reactors, it was necessary to shut down all the ship's reactors and rely totally on umbilical power from the station in order to accomplish the installation. It was not long before they had everything shut down and disconnected from the ship's power supplies.

Suddenly, the power feed from the station began to fluctuate. The engineers watched as all source indicators swung widely from one extreme to the other and the Eagle's computer struggled to compensate and keep a stable supply to the ship's systems. It would only be a matter of moments before an overload would trip the breakers and all power would be lost. Lt. Donner did his best to secure loads quickly and remove the overload. With the links to the ship's generators dismantled, no internal backups were on line.

Meanwhile, the CSEC and CSCI were still trapped in the VIP room with the device counting down when the protective force field surrounding the alien device flickered.

PHZZZT! SNAP! POP! The feeder breakers on the station tripped and erupted in a shower of sparks.

BZZZT. The level eight forcefield protecting CDR Bond, CDR Cline and Ensign Johnson vanished; the sound of its gentle was thrum gone. In the darkness of the VIP room all they could hear was the steady tick, tick, tick of the device, mere moments from detonation.

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