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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title:  An Unexpected Detour, Part Two
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Nouri knew that Dr. Pangloss did not know what to do for him; no one did, not even on Galadon Twelve. He could not shake the feeling something was more wrong inside his body than it was before the treatments. The Sickbay of a small science research vessel was just not equipped to handle this type of situation.

He sat down at a terminal in Sickbay and sent off a detailed message to Dr. Woo including the last treatment. He hoped his grandmother would make some sense out of all the medical data and unknown alien substances coursing through his body. He knew that if she could not, she had many resources and contacts at her disposal. Perhaps one of them could find a cure?

Nouri left Sickbay feeling worse but not just from the physical pain. He hated to tell his Pau Pau he was dying from this but she had the right to know. She had lost her only daughter to the Klingons and now she'd lose her only grandchild, unless a cure was found. 

Nouri had many regrets about his grandmother who had sacrificed a lot to raise him. There was one particularly odd one that surfaced now.  He knew that she was very concerned about the family line being broken.

She had in fact made him feel guilty a number of times that he did not remarry. He felt sorry he left her no great grandchildren, but he did not love the woman she picked out for him as was the custom in his family that kept many of the very ancient ways of his people.

He knew it had killed her when her daughter was the first in centuries to marry for love and marry someone outside the clan. Although his grandmother tried to remain polite to his father, Nouri knew she was upset about that to this day and that his father was not even Chinese. Then Nouri had done the same as his mother, marrying for love and outside the clan, but he had gone farther with that. He married a half Vulcan woman.

Nouristao tried to shake off his regrets. He'd make time to reconcile things later as best he could before it was too late. He checked the time and left for the bridge. The Eagle should rendezvous with the Star soon.

Captain Kematsopoulos entered the bridge and asked, "Status Report, Mr. Cline."

"Thirty minutes to intercept. Medical, Engineering and Security personal are ready and standing by for beam over and rescue," CDR Cline replied.

"Excellent," the CO said as he eased himself painfully into the captain's chair.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: An Unexpected Detour, Part Three
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Kematsopoulos finished the duty logs and looked around at Sickbay. He was concerned deeply about his injured crew and those of The Rigellian Star Adventurer. He was also worried about the coming war between the Tureth and the Galdonese people. The negotiations had failed. Both sides were not interested in peace. This conflict would easily spill out into the entire region and engulf the Federation peoples.

A war of galactic proportions was brewing. But what could he do to stop it? He had tried everything he could think of as both the CO of the ship and in his special status as charge d'affaires. The Captain had even made friends with the Tureth Ambassador and the Empress of All Galadon.    The Captain sighed deeply. This war seemed inevitable.

Nouri sighed again. He was now in love with the Empress too and she shared those feelings. The religious and medical people of Galadon Twelve had warned both of them that those feelings may not be genuine. That they could be merely a reaction of the ancient Galadonese ritual that was aborted.

The Empress had initiated the Ankhannahstoi with the CO to save his life. Nouri wondered what it would be like for them, if the Romulan terrorists had not interrupted the ritual and taken them prisoner.

There was no question in his mind that the first phase of the mysterious alien ritual had saved his life. He would have died right then from the injuries he got protecting the Empress from the terrorists without it. Sadly, the couple never got to complete the second and third phase of the unjoining. Would he ever be fully human without the alien biology trying to assert itself and take over his body? Would he be well now and not dying from the
incompatibility of the two biologies warring in his body? Would his feeling of love of the Empress still be present if he recovered?

Nouristao shook his head to clear it and tried some ancient Asian and Vulcan techniques to help, as he waited to see how is friend Jim was doing. The XO had been seriously injured while searching for the missing children of a dying passenger of The Rigellian Star Adventurer.

Captain Kematsopoulos continued trying hard to clear his head. It was increasingly harder to think as he normally did. He was slowly and painfully changing into ... a Galadon.

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