Star Trek Original Series Sim/ RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title:  An Unexpected Detour, Part One
Location:  USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

The USS Eagle was on a high priority diplomatic mission transporting Turethian diplomats back to their homeworld when they received...

"A distress call, sir!" announces the communications officer.

"On screen," Captain Kematsopoulos orders.

The recorded message plays on the main view screen. A captain appears; he is in his forties and has graying hair. He is scared.

CAPT PALUMBO> This is the Federation passenger cruise liner, The Rigellian Star Adventurer. We are under attack. I repeat... we are under attack. Any ships in the area please respond. We...

The transmission is interrupted by a loud explosion. The picture dissolves into a shower of dots; the sound into a cacophony of static.

"Any other ships in the area?" asks the Captain.

"No sir, replies LT Schuler.

"Mr. Tanaka, change course to intercept and rescue," the CO orders.

"But sir! Ambassador Releth will be furious for any delay," LT Manheim, the protocol officer interrupts.

"So be it. Quote him General Order Six and let him file a complaint with the Council. Federation lives are at stake. Top warp, Mr. Tanaka," the Captain orders.

"Aye, sir," replies the helm officer, his fingers dancing on the console.

"Execute," the CO orders.

"Aye sir," Mr. Tanaka replies.

Captain Kematsopoulos opens the comms to engineering and medical, "We have an unexpected detour. A Federation cruise liner has been attacked by a party or parties unknown. ETA two hours to intercept. Prepare for heavy casualties and high collateral damage. Kematsopoulos out."

The course changed, the small science vessel speeds toward the large passenger spaceliner, not knowing what dangers lie ahead and the trap set for them.      

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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