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DELETE AFTER CHECK!!!!!!!!! Full name: Leah Ann Richards
Date of birth: 12 January 2268
Place of birth: Greenville, New York. Earth
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Species and Nationality: Human. Chinese-American
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Studying electronics and old computer systems, Rock climbing
Likes: Fighting, Privacy, Cats, Taco Bell
Dislikes: Large social functions, Dogs, Small talk, Chinese food
Family: Only child, divorced parents William Richards and Yoto Ming

Brief history: Leah was the only child of William Richards and Yoto Ming. Her parents divorced in 2276. Leah and her Mother moved to asmall apartment on the poor side of town, where her mother remains.Leah was very smart, but she refused to complete school assignments andpreferred to fight with the teachers and other students. She was punishedwith suspension a number of times, but managed to graduate with only twoyears of summer school classes. After high school Ming gave Leah an ultimatum. Either she went to a college or she would be thrown out.Leah thus applied to the Starfleet academy. Based on her poor gradesthe academy denied her entrance originally, but after a year and a half at the community college Leah's second application was accepted. At theacademy she excelled in the Survival training and physical education classes, prompting her to become a security officer. The U.S.S. Eagle,NCC 2185 is Leah's first posting.

Disclaimer: I did not come up with either the Star Trek Universe or theU.S.S, Eagle. Also, I personally have nothing against Dogs or Chinesefood. I love both, but Leah is a strict Cat person and ate way too much Chinese food as a kid. So don't hate on me!!!

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