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Title: First Sight
Location: Vulcan
Setting: Main Spaceport on Shi'Kahr
Time: 2275 ( about twenty years ago)

T'Nar looks up and sees the boy she hopes would be her playmate. She is wide eyed and full of curiosity. She has many questions but keeps them to herself.~~ What is Earth like? What weird customs do Humans have there ? What is that dark oil on the boy? Did all Human children have to wear it as some sort of ritual costume as I am forced to wear this stiff itchy dress?~~ She looks to see if anyone is looking, other than the boy ,and tugs on her dress again to keep it from choking her.

There is what is assumed to be an awkward silence, although it is generally hard to tell with Vulcans, as Nouristao walks down to join his parents.

Dr. Luindroo Woo speaks first to get rid of the silence and to move on. She, still wearing the polite smile plastered on her face and still dying the thousand deaths, introduces her son to the party, "This Nouristao Kematsopoulos, my son."

The eight year old forgets himself for a second, grins broadly and offers them a grimy hand to shake.

The Vulcans keep their composure and merely quirk an eyebrow in surprise at the grime. They are familiar with the Human custom. It was the grime that gave them pause.

Dr. Johnson, a Human, steps out and shakes the boy's hand heartily. He is relieved. This boy looks just like the sort of child who'd be a good influence for his daughter, T'Nar. The Vulcans he feels, especially his sister-in-law, are stifling T'Nar's creative and free spirit.

"Quite a grip you've got on you," he says somewhat seriously in a thick Texan accent.

"Thank yuu," the boy replies mimicking the accent so well that the Texan thinks he was from Texas also. After Nouristao is done, he looks at his mother.

Dr. Woo Luin'dro closes her eyes for a moment to look for her quiet center. She had wanted to make a good impression and had heavily rehearsed the Vulcan customs with her son. It was all falling apart to her.

Nouri figures out he did something wrong but is not sure what. ~~The Human seemed to like the greeting ... oh the Vulcans ... That must be it. I can't forget them. ~~ He politely approaches one of them, greets them perfectly with the appropriate greetings and gestures in unaccented Vulcan, picking up the cue as to what language to speak from the language his mother was using earlier. He wasn't sure it was Vulcan. He just knew it was the same language she was speaking so he figures it is the right one. There were too many languages around him to keep up with, so he stopped bothering to learn the names of each one and just worried about trying to talk in whatever one was spoken last.

Luin'dro relaxes. Her boy's successful attempt at the greetings and gestures seems to put most everyone at ease.

Everyone, that is, except the mother of the girl, T'Mek. She isn't so sure it would be a good idea to have this Human boy socialize with her daughter. (T'Nar's mother has strained relations with her husband and his family and is becoming increasingly worried that Humanity would become the dominate influence in little T'Nar's life. )

T'Mek speaks, "Come we have water and food prepared. Your journey must have been long and difficult."

Dr. Demetrios Kematsopoulos nods and thanks them. ~~If you only knew the truth of it!~~ he thinks. ((But that's a story for another time ;o) ))

"Tomorrow, I have planned trips of the capital, museums and possible sites for our excavation," S'Tarn, the leader of the group announces.

Upon hearing the words "museums" and "excavation", both children sigh politely and roll their eyes in unison, making no effort to hide their disappointment.

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