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Don Lanning sends us photographs of his special effects work for the alien masks in the new Star Trek movie


Alien masks in the new Star Trek movie
Ship's UPUC Award
Star Trek Blue Prints
Star Trek Rank Insignia for the Original Series Movie era (TOS) , circa 2293      
"Cast" "Photo"-See the Crew!
Our Star Trek Sim's Awards and Honors Page
Ship's Interior- Bridge Console
Ship's Interior- Food Processor
Executive Summaries*        
Mail Shuttle (Mail Bag)-Spam-It's not just for supper**
Current Story Line -Summary
Star Trek Convention-Two new pages added!
Our Star Trek Ship's Plaque
Star Trek Sim Sounds Use these fun Star Trek sounds in your RPG!
Star Trek Sim Recipes- Ethnic home cooking at it's best! Feel at home no matter how many light years away from it you are!!
Star Trek Departments and Logos Original Series
Medical Department/ Sickbay Drug Dictionary for 2293
Star Trek Humor: Top Ten Lists
Star Trek Sim Guides
Star Trek Field Surgical Medical Kit - Case
Star Trek Field Medical Kit - Pouch
Klingon Dictionary
Romulan Dictionary
Star Trek Buddy Icons - Animated
Star Trek Sim Characters'Uniforms-Senior Officers
Star Trek Sim Characters' Uniforms- Junior Officers
Seasonal- Happy Holidays
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*Brief Descriptions of Logs and Complete Listings, a new page in progress.

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This page will post the letters and humorous responses.

red, white and blue dividing bar used for our Star Trek Sim
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red, white and blue dividing bar used for our Star Trek Sim


1)For both simming against in the days of TOS
2)For a DS9 Era Klingon Sim with an honorable ancient Klingon House
GO TO Klingon House: tuq qimat


The USS Eaglet NCC 008-013 is now forming. If you would like your children (ages 8 to 13) to sim in a totally G rated environment, please contact me at NouriKemat@aol.com . This Star Trek Sim will be based on the Original Series movie era just like the USS Eagle but will be totally geared toward a younger audience. We will be teaching them how to sim, team work and some science. Parents are welcome to join and sim along side their children

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