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USS Brazil, NCC 1203

Joint Log by Mike and Nouri

Setting: USS Brazil
Location: The Bridge
Time: Forty Minutes after  "CDR Tsiolkovsky meet CDR Tsiolkovsky..."

After there was nothing left to do for the living, CDR Yevgeny Tsiolkovsky, the XO and Acting Captain for the USS Brazil, focuses his attention on the dying consoles and damaged bridge of his wounded ship. He turns to the Assistant Engineering Officer who was sent to help the bridge crew as the attack by the mysterious Constitution ship grew worse. Someone didn't want the USS Eagle to make it back in one piece and was willing to kill over 600 people and destroy two Federation starships to do it.

The Commander and Executive Officer would have paused to wonder more and try and find the answer, but there was no time. He had to get his ship and her people back into fighting condition as soon as possible. After that he'd figure out what had happened and how bad the conspiracy was, how best to save his sister, her ship and his own.

He shakes his head. There were things that one never learned at Starfleet Academy, Department Head School and Command School.  Even his commanding officer, a seasoned Starfleet veteran with graying hair like Captain Thompson didn't see it coming. There was no training for being attacked by a ship from your own fleet and no words to describe it.

The young Executive Officer turns to the even younger Midshipman. "OK, McGregor you are with me. Let's lock down the bridge," he orders.

MIDN McGregor lifts himself off the floor back onto one knee as his wide eyes look out through the smoke. The lights flashing on and off and the damage made it obvious that the USS Brazil had taken some very big hits in the fight. Many different thoughts are racing through McGregor's head, ones like, "Why did they attack us, why would they want to kill so many innocent people, how long have we got before they return and would Rebecca be OK?"

His thoughts then return to his father and wondering if he had gone through anything like this during his service. If he did, he never spoke about it and now after going through this experience he could see that if he did go through something similar then he has a good reason not to want to talk about it.

The blood is still holding a steady trickle down the side of his head like the streams and burns he had once played around when he was a child back home in Scotland. His thoughts now on his home country and how much he would love to be back there with his family enjoying life instead of on this vessel.

He hears the voice of CDR Tsiolkovsky and quickly stands pushing against the knee he was leaning on to give some support then turning and walking towards where he stood. "Yes, Sir," he replies sharply as he wipes the blood with the sleeve of his uniform.

CDR Tsiolkovsky looks at young man who is holding up well under the pressure. The XO explains the lockdown procedure to McGregor whereby all the consoles, terminals, and systems will be shut down and rerouted to the secondary bridge. He then directs him to try and put out smoldering fires remaining from after the fire suppression systems kicked in.

After hearing what CDR Tsiolkovsky told him to do he moves across to where the nearest fire extinguisher is located. Swiping the button to the side of the door, he allows it to slide open so he could retrieve the fire extinguisher. How long will it be before we are repaired and ready to escape this situation? That was the thought that played through his head as he battled against the flames. After he finished with what was left of the fires he moves sideways dropping the fire extinguisher and starting to wipe the memory off of the console next to him. His fingers fiddle about at the controls and try to work what is left of the computers, which isn't much. He coughs every now and again trying to clear his lungs from the smoke that is now clearing from the bridge. At least something is working, he thinks to himself as he finishes off with the computer.

With great regret and sadness, as if burying a new but close friend, CDR Tsiolkovsky begins the procedure. He locks down several consoles and walks unsteadily to a control panel and reaches down. He struggles to open a panel and grabs some gear. Some consoles and systems are too damaged to be able to simply tap in the commands to shut down properly. Although his sister Val is clearly the mechanically gifted one in the family, he had picked up more than enough during his years at Starfleet and listening to his sister to be able to handle basic repairs and to change the bridges.

Yevgeny winces, struggling to get up and continues the lock down protocols, his injuries make moving like this more and more difficult.  "When we are done I need you to shut down power to the bridge," he says out of breath. Although the air is much better than it was before on the bridge, he is still coughing and having trouble breathing from the earlier fumes he inhaled.

MIDN McGregor turns to face CDR Tsiolkovsky, "Yes, sir, I'll just go prepare that now." He turns and moves up to the bulkhead that is situated at the rear of the bridge as he looked around once more at the destroyed bridge covering his mouth and coughing again. He starts to push buttons and flick the odd switch. "I'm just trying to select some of the ship's power to surge through the bridge computers to make sure there isn't any data left that we may have missed," he turns to look at CDR Tsiolkovsky once again and then back to the bulkhead. "OK, that's it, sir, it's ready, just tell me when." His eyes now focus on CDR Tsiolkovsky awaiting his order.

"Checking...." he says as he looks over again one stubborn console that did not want to give up and go off line. Finding it finally offline, he checks a few other things.

" ...Now," he orders as he finishes the last check.

McGregor nods and with that he hits the button his right hand is on and a quick flash comes from some of the consoles wiping anything they had missed and then everything else shuts down. "OK, now what will happen next and we must be running out of time," he keeps repeating in his head over and over.

"Good work. Now to establish the secondary bridge," CDR Tsiolkovsky orders. He thinks to himself, but does not say, ~But who is left though to man it?~   From the preliminary reports he read, many of the Brazil's top people had been seriously injured when the mysterious ship attacked.

He shook his head to clear his mind and then walked along side CDR Tsiolkovsky. "Yes, sir, let's get onto that." His hand now rubs the cut on his head the first real time he decided to actually see what damage had been caused to himself.


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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