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Lasara, A Sandokhan child's thoughts

Guest Alien Log: Lasara ( A Five Year Old Sandokhan)
Original Comic Art Above
By Hana Says

Lasara to her Baby Brother Roland:

I know that you're too little to talk, but you still understand everything that I say. I knew it would work, Roland. I always believed the legends about the Lady. I could tell La didn't believe me, but it didn't matter. I was right, and now you're OK. We'll all be OK, now that the Lady is real. None of us will be sick any more, and everybody will stop fighting. That is what the Prophecy says.

There are people who did not believe in the Prophecy. If you don't believe in something, does that mean that it doesn't work for you? Will those people still stay sick, even though the Lady is here? Will they still be unhappy? I don't think so. I think that since we both believed so much in Her, Roland, the Lady will help them, even though they didn't believe in Her, and even though they were mean to Her. Because the Lady is nice. I hope that she will help them, anyway. Even though they were bad, that doesn't mean that they should stay sick. Don't you think?

La believes now. I don't think that La is like us, Roland. I think she is something different from what she says. But we have to act like we believe her, because if she knows that we know she isn't who she says she is, she might not help us any more. She did not believe before, but she still helped us. I think that she is a good person.

La says that there is a song about you, Roland. About somebody with your name. I've never heard it, though. She says that it is a very heroic name. Very brave. I agree, Roland. I think that you are very brave. You came with us, even when you were so sick. You were brave enough to believe in the Lady with me, when everybody told us that She was not real. Maybe She was real because both of us believed in her so much, together. I would like to think that.

You were my only friend, Roland. Now there is La, and that makes three of us. Three of us, and the Lady In Blue. I can't count very high, but I know that three is a small number. But I don't feel small, Roland. With the Lady here, we can do anything.


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