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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE -- Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos

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Rank: Captain (CPT)

Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Eagle NCC 2185

Full Name: Nouristao Kematsopoulos

Nicknames: Captain K, Nouri

Homeworld: Earth

Date of Birth: 2267

Place of Birth: Crete, Earth

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 215 lb.

Health: Excellent

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Widower

Wife: T'nar Johnson, Deceased

Parents: Dr. Woo Luin'dro and Dr. Demetrious Kematsopoulos, missing

Next of Kin: Maternal grandmother, Dr. Woo,Chief Surgeon, Wu Pei Hospital and Medical Research Center, Wu Pei, China

Education: Wu Pei Technological and Science Academy, Class of 2285; Starfleet Academy, Class of 2289; Starfleet Graduate School

Languages: Greek, Minoan, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, English, Dard, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Trill and Deltan

Service Awards: Starfleet Command Decoration for Valor, Starfleet Command Decoration for Gallantry, Medal of Honor, UFP Charge d'affaires,Order of Sevak,UPUC

Starfleet Career Summary:

2285-2289 -- Attended Starfleet Academy, majoring in Engineering and Mathematics and minoring in Helm/Navigation and graduating with honors

Starfleet Excellence in Engineering Competition Awards:

              2287-- Honorable Mention

              2288 -- Second Place

              2289 -- First Place

Academy Papers published in Daystrom Technological Institute Journal: 

"Alternate Calibration Methods for Flux Spectrometers to Compensate for Harontdian Subspace Distortions"

"Enhanced Diagnostic Techniques in Graviton Polarimeters"

"Topological Analysis of N Dimensional Gravitic Fields in Ten Dimensional Space"

2290 -- Assigned to USS Enterprise, NCC-1701A for sensor package upgrade

2291 -- Promoted to LTjg. Assigned to USS Algonquin, NX 61932 as Assistant  Engineering Officer.

          -- Reported killed-in-action, when a previously unknown spatial anomaly destroyed the transport shuttle
          he was taking to his new duty station.

          -- Posthumously awarded medals for courage and self-sacrifice for actions taken to save several
          members of the shuttle crew. Awards were presented to his maternal grandmother, Dr. Woo

          -- Resumed active service following his rescue by a newly discovered species, the Wahnharae. The
          Wahnharae discovered him, seriously injured in a healing trance in part of the wreckage of the transport shuttle.

          -- Initiated first contact protocols during his recovery with Wahnharae. Although only a year had elapsed in Federation time, it is
          believed that Kematsopoulos spent ten years in Wahnharae space. It is believed that time progresses at a different speed there
          than in the other parts of the galaxy as we know it.

2292 -- Returned to Federation Space. Assigned to light duties with the Starfleet Intelligence Temporal Anomalies Division while still recovering from extensive injuries. Authored several papers on temporal mechanics,  subspace distortions and spatial anomalies.

2293 -- Medically cleared to full duty status. Assigned to USS Eagle, NCC 2185, as Assistant Engineering Officer,  Starfleet Intelligence Liaison Officer, and Temporal Anomalies Specialist.

          -- Promoted meritoriously to LCDR and reassigned as Chief Engineer for his prompt, brave and
         capable handling of a warp core emergency caused by a spatial anomaly.

          -- Promoted to Commander and reassigned as Executive Officer after saving the ship, and the
          reassignment of the former Executive Officer to other lesser duties.

          (Exact nature of the events is classified.)

          -- Promoted to Captain.

          -- Awarded the UFP-PUC, United Federation of Planets' Presidential Unit Citation, along with his crew
          for their efforts in preventing intergalactic war, saving the Empress of All Galadon's life and driving back a
          new hostile alien race back into their part of space

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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