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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Dr. Kamran Isa & Nurse Rupa Lakshmi

IN PROGRESS!! Title: Morgue
Location: ???
Setting: ???

(Flashback to when Dr. Isa was in Academy and serving aboard another starship in training; timeframe: about a year before graduating and being assigned to the Eagle)

"Pressure's dropping, Doctor."

"Can't be. Help me catch this bleeder over here."

"It's falling fast. We're losing him."

"Open that area. I'm going to try and apply massage."

"No pulse."

"Come on, come on ... don't die on me now."

"Pressure almost gone."

"Cortical stimulator. ... apply shock now."

"Patient's flatlining."


"Doctor ..."


"Doctor ... we've lost him. We've lost him."

Doctor Kamran Shah Isa slumped backwards against the wall of the Operating Room on the USS Ophiuchus. "I can't believe it, Rupa," he sighed as he took off his mask and gloves. "I put every ounce of strength and skill into it, and I ..."

Nurse Rupa Lakshmi nodded. "You still lost him. Doctor ... I'm sad to be the one to say this to you, but people die every day. I guess this just has never happened while you were operating."

"You're right ... I've had a straight record of keeping patients alive. And now ..."

"Now we have to take the patient to the morgue."

Lieutenant Commander Tharn, the ship's Andorian CMO, was there as Doctor Isa and Nurse Lakshmi entered with the shrouded patient. "Well." He looked up from his clipboard as he was entering some data. "I see you also have an addition to make here." He ushered them over to where he was standing. "I'd get a move on if I were either of you; remember I run a tight department and don't appreciate anything in the way of delays."

They silently took the patient over to where Doctor Tharn had indicated, then switched the antigravs off from the gurney.

Tharn watched them transfer the body from the gurney into the cold chamber. There was a hissing sound as the door slid open and a small cloud of gas escaped into the atmosphere of the room. Then the body was inserted and the door closed behind it and another hissing sound as the door was sealed.

"First time this has happened to you?" asked Tharn.

"Not to me, but it's his," replied Lakshmi.

Tharn nodded. "First death is always the hardest, Doctor. I didn't make CMO here doing nothing. It can be a hard business at times, and this is one of them. Learn, Doctor, learn from this. Now." He passed Doctor Isa another clipboard. "Now it's time to enter the information for the record. Name of deceased. Time and date of death. Cause of death. And so on." He nodded. "Nurse Lakshmi will be here to help you. In the meantime ..." He nodded and exited the morgue.

"Come on, let's get to this and the sooner we're done, the sooner we can get out of this dreadful place," said Lakshmi.

"All right ... let me see ... patient name, Richard McGill ... species, Human ... gender, male ... rank, Lieutenant ... post, Assistant Science ... ship, USS Ophiuchus ... age, 27 ... marital status, single ... birthplace, Dublin, Ireland ... date of death, Stardate 29211.27 ... time of death, 1556 ... cause of death, uncontrolled internal bleeding from accidental explosion in equipment." He looked up. "I guess that finishes it?"

Lakshmi nodded. "Yes. We can deposit the data here," she said, taking the clipboard and placing it where others were stacked neatly. "Come." She took his hand and they walked out together.

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