Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: First Course or First Contact?

Title: CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200506.15, Supplemental
Location: Star Light Road
Setting: Bridge

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos updates the duty log...

STARDATE 200506.15, Supplemental

'Captain here. Supplemental. This vessel is made of four other vessels. We have learned the name of the composite ship and its constituent ships as well as the history of three of the vessels. The derelict we are on is called in old Golic, The Star Light Road. We believe that it is made of vessels called Star Catcher, Black Light  and Long Road that were reported lost about 2000 years ago to the event horizon of a newly formed blackhole... Location 198 Eri...  These were part of the fleet that left Vulcan about 55 AD Terran dating to seek out a new homeworld under S'Task and the rest of their felt would make planet fall on what we now call Romulus and become the Romulans. We believe that we are standing on a ship made from three colonist ships from the Sundering.

How they ended up here or were able to combine the four ships is still a mystery; one I hope to unravel when we can better analyze the memory core download back on the Eagle.

   End log."

The Captain turns the recording device off and says, " All right everyone, we proceed to engineering to tag the parts and supplies we need. There should be a machine shop in the back. I am confident that even though the schematics we pulled up don't show it, there is some way to manufacture tridanium or have some in storage hidden onboard this ship. Given the deep space mission that the Vulcan/ Proto Romulans were on, there has to have been be someway at a minimum to manipulate the tridanium into useable forms for these ancient ancestors of duotronic enhancers. You already know how imperative finding this is to get the Eagle operational. I am not going to repeat it. Let's go!"

"Aye, sir" came the swift replies

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