Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: First Course or First Contact?

Title: CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200506.15
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Unknown Derelict #2

After LTjg Yajiru was treated and supplies retrieved, the Away Team heads towards the bridge of the mysterious derelict, known only as "Derelict #2". After some further work, Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos updates the duty log.(Click here to view a fun cheap special effect of Yajiru being attacked by the large cellular slime mold. Please back click to return to this page.)

STARDATE 200506.15

       'Captain here. We have arrived on the bridge of the unknown alien vessel without further contact from the slime creatures. We have discovered the remains of what we believe to be the bridge crew. It appears that most of them died at their post and that someone or something came by and disturbed their remains within the last fifty years.

       Possibly, but not necessarily, related to this, we discovered evidence of another kind of animal that has been foraging on this derelict in the form of bite marks in a panel. We do not know yet what that animal is and if it is still on the vessel or still alive. The vessel itself appears to be 2000 years old and the bridge crew about the same. We know from the tricorder analysis on the bones that the aliens breathed oxygen and wore clothing made from plants that live at temperatures at and at excess of 100 deg.

       The medical staff with us has determined the following:
1. A 40 percent composition of O2 at 1 atm pressure in the air should deter the slime creatures.
2. A 82.5 percent composition of O2 at 1 atm pressure in the air should prove toxic to the slime creatures. They are uncertain but a 60 percent composition may work also. Further testing is needed. Either way, the mixture is very flammable. We may work on making some sort of gas barrier instead of altering life support systems for this.
3. The slime creatures are highly adaptive. They can breathe both nitrogen and oxygen. The creatures have both nitrogen and oxygen receptors. The nitrogen receptors were what the creatures we encountered were using when we came. After being hit twice with pure O2, part of the creature died and part adapted. The living part activated dormant oxygen receptors to become dominant by a mechanism yet unknown. It has not yet been determined if they can breath with sulfur yet but it looks likely. The creatures eject small fast thorn like projectiles into their prey. The theory at this point is that the intense speeds at which these animals eject the tiny toxic darts is how they manage to breach the protective suits.

       The med team is working on ways to use chemical markers to trick the slime creatures into avoiding us and are further analyzing samples from the dead parts of the creatures.

       We have had no success in finding legible markings on the ship. Perhaps if we can access their computer terminals we will be able to see a sample of their writing and learn more about this intriguing race and ship and the perils they have faced as well as find our supplies.
Kematsopoulos out.'

   End log."

The Captain turns the recording device off and thinks to himself, "I can't shake the feeling that someone this is familiar and that I have done it before. The sense of déjà vu is overwhelming. What is it that I am missing? How is it that I have walked through a 2,000 year old ship before?"

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