Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: First Course or First Contact?

Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200405.18
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

"Captain, the Hypatia is onboard, safe and sound," LT Schuler, the communications officer announced.

"Good news. Thanks. It's a wrap. Get the next shift in and hit the rack. Tomorrow will be another long day," The Captain ordered.

"Aye, sir, " The COMMO replied.

Forty Terran minutes later...

STARDATE 200505.18

       'Captain Kematsopoulos here. The Away Team has returned safely and has successfully completed decontamination procedures. They were able to locate many of the supplies we needed and more trips are planned to secure the rest of supplies and equipment. Some supplies and equipment have already been brought onboard and are still in decon.

       Of note are some sort of old Earth appliances and two mobile devices whose purposes are yet unknown ((but appear to be for comic relief in a story line)). It has been recommended to keep their "memories" and programming intact, incase they may be able to shed some more light on the situation and events that brought their doomed ship, the JMC Red Dwarf, to this end of the wormhole and anomaly.

       The computer core was also downloaded as well as the personality engrams of the computer that were named "Holly" by the crew. No doubt a nickname for hologram. The core was quite damaged but some parts still remained intact. It appears that most of the damage occurred before entering the anomaly. There is a small chance that the programming was deliberately faulty from its original downloading into the RD. (( That explains the IQ of 6000, 6000 PE teachers as the gag runs.)) The flawed programing has not been corrected as there is no certainty at this time that removal of the corrupt files will not also remove vital information.(( What could that be you ask? Holly's Junior Space Encyclopedia ?))
   End log."

The Beta shift arrived and took over.

The Captain left last, checking some detail on the next derelict to explore for tomorrow and our next away mission. From what Science could tell it was an ancient ship of explorers with rudimentary space capabilities, large storage sections and the ability to sustain itself for hundreds of years. All good indicators that supplies as well as history of the wormhole could be scavenged. He wanted more information on the wormhole and anomaly to help them find away out and prevent any further damage.

Captain Kematsopoulos entered the turbolift alone. The doors shut. He yawned. "It will be good to get some sleep," he thought as the turbolift hummed taking him to his destination.

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