Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: More Than We Bargained For

STARDATE 200410.10

       'Captain Kematsopoulos here. ::sneezes:: We have all of our people back on board. We have also taken on some civilians (Chalandra and her children)to be relocated off that dreadful station.

       The mii-miii-shin ::sneezes again:: was a success beyond our expectations. We obtained more than we bargained for. A full report to follow after the debriefing.

       CDR Cline will be taking over as Acting Captain until Dr.  Laleia-Lii changes my status from SIQ (Sick in Quarters).::Wryly and with a hoarse throat:: Seems that by bout with Ribellian flu has lasted longer than she expected.  Kematsopoulos out.'

   End log."

The Captain glares at the good doctor. "Stop laughing," he says half serious and half bemused for this really was funny. Dr.  Laleia-Lii had given him the excuse of the Ribellian flu to make it look like he was onboard the Eagle and now he really had it. He picked it up on the station.

"Time for your injection," she replies nearly dissolved into laughter. Nouri knew she was enjoying this immensely and thought how amazing it was to see someone of over a hundred years old and of her professional stature nearly and almost giggle.
"You sure did get more than we bargained for," the doctor says.

The Captain begins to laugh heartily but it quickly turns into a coughing fit. The twinkle in the doctor's eyes shows she is not done teasing him yet.

Almost choking with laughter he pleads, "Please stop".

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