Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: More Than We Bargained For

Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200408.02
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

Captain Kematsopoulos is on the bridge. He punches a button on the captain's chair and begins his duty log entry.

STARDATE 200408.02

       'Captain Kematsopoulos here. We have arrived at the Tellarite Trading Outpost, Liaara Mishtosh for BSP ((OOC: Click here to view the BSP here.Outpost automated reply tells us that the internal comms paging system is down. We have dispatched three teams of two to the station to retrieve our personnel. Our teams are armed and following modified Level 2 Security Protocols as ordered by Admiral Flayton, and have initiated other security measures. Team One consists of CDR James Cline ((Executive Officer, XO)) and LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe   ((Chief Security Officer, CSEC)), Team Two consists of Ensign Lister ((ASEC)) and LT Ralph Anderson ((Assistant Engineering Officer, AENG)), Team Three consists of LT Nixon ((Supply Officer, CHOPS)) and Ensign Rimmer ((Assistant Security Officer, ASEC)). They are to find our three new crewman and depart the station. Team Three is also tasked with trading for supplies.

       I have given permission for Ensign Petrescu to launch ship's probes to investigate a local anomaly and other unique phenomena present.  While the station has certainly an interesting vantage point, I have not allowed her to board the station because of the security situation.  Kematsopoulos out.'

End log."

Kematsopoulos out.'

The Captain flipped the switch on his chair, deactivating the logging function.  He looked up and scanned the bridge.As he did so, the turbolift doors slid apart and LCDR Grabowski exited onto the bridge. The Captain turned in his chair to face the incoming watch officer. "Mr. Grabowski, I am ready to be relieved," declared Capt. Kematsopoulos as he began the process.

"Sir, I am ready to relieve you," came the reply.

"We have arrived at the Tellarite Outpost. Under no circumstances in anyone else to be beamed over without my permission. Shore leave is not authorized. Contact me immediately if there is any thing out of the ordinary. All systems are operational," the CO relayed.

"Understood. I have no further questions, I relieve you, sir," said the new watch officer.

"I stand relieved," said the Captain as he surrendered his chair and moved confidently to the turbolift.

As the lift doors whooshed shut, Mr. Grabowski reported, "Attention on the bridge, Mr. Grabowski has the deck and the conn." The bridge crew responded in a rapid, but disciplined chorus:

"Helm, aye."

"Comms, aye."

"Navigation, aye."

"Science, aye."

With that done Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos headed to his stateroom.  He had orders to open a sealed set of orders marked "Upon Arrival at Liaara Mishtosh."  On the way, he wonders what they are and suspects that whatever it was, it would be both intriguing and challenging.

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