Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: Race for Space

Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200407.12
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

Captain Kematsopoulos is on the bridge keeping a close eye on the planet below and events unfolding onboard. The Communications Officer has just informed him that the remainder of Away Team Two is safely onboard. He has also informed him that both the UKR and TU governments are gearing up for some type of large scale war. From what LT Schuler has figured out, it looks like the casualties will be in the billions. The Captain is very worried about his people below, any other scientists that may have survived and the native people.

He punches a button on the captain's chair and readies the recording device. His strong tenor activates it.

STARDATE 200407.12

       'Captain Kematsopoulos here. Good news first. LCDR Unstoffe, LT Anderson and the rest of Away Team Two have
       beamed onboard.

       Now the other. It appears that both of the governments of Bantos IV are gearing up for a major war. Our
       projections put casualties in the billions for both sides. The two world leaders have had nothing but hostile
       conversations and now have stopped speaking to each other. I can't help shake the feeling that there is something
       else going on below than two groups trying to fight for superiority on that one large land mass that they share.

       We still have two people below and an undetermined number of scientists below. It is possible that no more
       survived than we have already rescued. I will be forced to make a decision soon to recall our people if the war
       begins. I cannot risk their lives for people who may be dead already. Kematsopoulos out.'

End log."

The Captain thinks for a moment the difficult nature of being in command. Sometimes you had only two decisions to make as he did now. Either of which could result in someone's death.  He checks his schedule again to see the obvious. They are overdue to a Tellarite Outpost to pick up new people transferring to the Eagle.


       'This additional mission (rescuing the scientists)  is making us late for the rendezvous to pick up new crewmen so I  
       have ordered the COMMO to send a message to the Tellarite Trading Outpost  as soon as we are free of our obligations here.
       With the unknown cloaked vessel nearby, our people below, scientists unaccounted for and off world unknown alien
       involvement we can assume our communications are being monitored. '

End log."


The Captain  thinks to himself and does not say out loud.  "This is a horrible situation for those kids  to be in. That Outpost is well known for its nefarious elements that collect there. I don't like the thought of having any of my people there one bit. Admiral Flayton should have listened to me.  This is no place for Starfleet Officers  and certainly not young ensigns. I  can only hope they are staying away from the lower decks, staying safe and keeping a low profile."

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