Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs

STARDATE 200404.05

'Captain Kematsopoulos here. The Eagle has reviewed the new information from the last Away Team mission, retrieved more information from the wiped data core, has further information from Dr. S'Tronn and formulated a new plan. We are sending down two Away Teams to focus on the unusual activities transpiring at the army base and the ministry buildings at the UKR Capitol. I am confident that we are getting closer to finding our missing people.

We have evidence to support the interference of off world aliens with this culture with both of the planetary governments. At present their identities and purposes are still unknown to us. We can only hope that they have not noticed our presence. The Away Teams have been ordered to keep a low profile and to beam up (away from the natives) at the first sign of danger. Kematsopoulos out. '

   End log."

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Captain's Logs
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