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Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Log: The Race for Space

STARDATE 200309.15

"Captain Kematsopoulos here. We have entered into orbit around Bantos IV. We are to investigate the break in communications from the Federation Observation Team that has been studying the cultural and technological development of the two competing civilizations on this planet as they both venture into space for the first time.  Initial scans of the planetary surface have not revealed their biosigns.  We have located the area where the team's base was reported to have been established.

I've sent an away team below with strict instructions not to bring any Federation weapons technology as per orders of Admiral Flayton. He is concerned that the accidental exposure of Federation technology, especially weapons, to the people of Bantos IV could disrupt their natural development and lead to either their destruction or a premature emergence as an aggressive power in this quadrant.

I am not sure what we will find below. It is most odd that we have not heard anything at all from the Observation Team for so long and that some of their research has disappeared. This could be anything from a malfunctioning comms system and misrouted data to something more serious and sinister. Kematsopoulos out.

   End log."

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