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Title:CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200110.21
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos returns to the bridge from Sickbay were he was comforting the injured and trying to get reports of who attacked The Rigellian Star Adventurer. He still did not know who committed this terrible crime or why.

He quickly reads the reports from the message he received that made him come so quickly back to the bridge. Ensign Petrescu had located the emergency recording device ("black box") of the Star. Ensign Khatt thought he had sensor data convincing enough to leading him to believe that a cloaked vessel was present in the area but he could not confirm the time.

Having finished the reports, Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos sits down and updates the duty log.

STARDATE 200110.21

'Captain Kematsopoulos here. The USS Eagle is mated to The Rigellian Star Adventurer to assist in a rescue of that Federation ship, her passengers and crew. We still do not know who attacked her and why. I am awaiting the results of Ensigns Unstoffe's and Cochrane's report on the sensor and ship logs. Apparently they have been quite damaged. The CMO has confirmed Ensign's Unstoffe's suspicions that the bridge crew was attacked with hand phasers.   

Ensign Petrescu has located the emergency recording device. We are about to attempt retrieving it. It appears to be damaged but we remain hopeful that we can ascertain who did this.  Given the nature of the cruise vessel, her wealthy clientele and the famed jewel, "the Rigellian Star" on board, it could have made a tempting target for pirates. We still do not know who attacked her and why.

We now have evidence that a cloaked ship may have been or still is in the area. The USS Eagle is investigating this and upgrading our status to yellow alert. Kematsopoulos out.'

End log."

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