Star Trek Sim / RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

Captain Kematsopoulos is on the bridge. He punches a button on the captain's chair and readies the recording device. His tenor activates it.

STARDATE 200108.17

Kematsopoulos here. The USS Eagle was enroute to Tureth to take our remaining diplomatic visitors to their home world, when we received a distress call from Captain Palumbo of The Rigellian Star Adventurer.

We have altered course to assist the Federation citizens onboard a passenger cruise ship who are in mortal danger as per General Order Six.

The Tureth Ambassador is most displeased with the change of plans and will be filing a formal complaint.

I hope the Eagle can make it to assist it time. From the transmission we received, the Adventurer is in serious shape and has many casualties.

It is unknown at this time if internal problems are responsible for the explosion we saw or if she has been fired upon. At present, the Engineering and Science Departments speculate that it likely the latter case is true. They are closely inspecting the logs of the transmissions. Further information will be appended as it becomes available. Kematsopoulos out.

End Log"

Captain Kematsopoulos turned to his Executive Officer and says, "You have the conn Mr. Cline. Inform me of any changes. I will be in Sickbay."

He leaves for Sickbay, his appointment for another futile series of tests and treatments had been put off long enough. The illness from the aborted ritual had returned. Nouri thought the treatments were making him worse but at least he would get something for the intense headaches he was experiencing.

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