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Title: CAPTAIN'S LOGS: STARDATE: 200101.15
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Ready Room

In Captain's ready room a few hours before underway, CDR Kematsopoulos opens the duty log.


STARDATE 200101.15

Commander Nouristao Kematsopoulos here, as Acting Captain. The USS Eagle is still docked at Starbase Six. The combination of a bomb detonating and the interruption of power resulted in the loss of life yesterday.Numerous devices were found on Deck 23. Most of them, Engineering has determined to be surveillance devices. One of them turned out to be a bomb.

I am recommending commendations for CDR Adam Bond, CDR James Cline and Ensign Johnson. Ensign Johnson was killed in that explosion. I have spoken to his widow, Ensign Liliana Petrescu. She has decided to remain onboard the ship.



He thinks about death of Johnson, who was a friend of his. "Engineering was always a close department," the former Chief Engineer recalls." Nouristao also feels that for those who were on duty that day when the spatial anomaly took out the main coolant pipe to the warp core there was an additional special bond. A bond shared only by those who have faced certain death together, but survived despite the odds.

"The funeral will be very hard for all of us and especially his wife," Nouri thought. He checked his tight schedule and worked in some time to talk with them all privately. The overworked XO tries to resist urge to put his head in his hands and wonders if it can get any worse.

The Computer bleeps and signals an important report has come in from Sickbay. The Acting Captain reads it and reactivates the log.


STARDATE 200101.15

Sickbay has informed me that they will be unable to cure the Tureth Ambassador. Dr. Perkins believes that the Ambassador is dying from some sort of slow poison. There was no match between the poison found in the suicide pill on one of the intruders.

As the bomb was also located in the Ambassador's quarters, it is probable that two different persons or groups wanted him dead..."


He pauses speaking and thinks, " the Ambassador and I had been scheduled to be in the room at the time of detonation, but were prevented by other circumstances. Somehow the intruders must have had access to these schedules." This was a most disturbing thought. "How did whoever 'they' were get the information and why?" he wondered. CDR Kematsopoulos returns to the log entry...

"... It is likely from the reports I read in sickbay that Ambassador Toman will die within the week. I wish there was something we could do for him more than make his last moments more comfortable ..."


Communications officer, LT Schuler interrupts via the comms, "Incoming message from Starfleet Command sir."

CDR Kematsopoulos acknowledges the COMMO, ends his log entry, and displays the message on the screen . He quickly scans it. When Nouri is done, he thinks, "more bad news . . . I am now CO."

Alone in the RR, Captain Kematsopoulos puts his head in hands and says out loud, "It is worse."

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