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Title: Captain's Logs: Stardate 200012.04
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

CDR Kematsopoulos is on the bridge. He punches a button on the captain's chair and readies the recording device. His strong tenor activates it.


STARDATE 200012.04

Commander Nouristao Kematsopoulos here, as Acting Captain. The USS Eagle is still docked at Starbase Six. Our mission for now is to initiate and complete repairs best as possible from the engagement we had with the Romulans and to give some long overdue leave-taking opportunities to our crew. Kematsopoulos out.



He pauses and does not say out loud but thinks to himself, "Not all our requests have been granted for parts and modifications. Although it is customary to ask for more than you will receive, we have not even gotten enough of the fundamentals to get the job done. The repairs are going so slowly that it seems almost deliberate. Almost like they want us to wait around here for something. . . "

The Communications Officer, LT Schuler, interrupts Nouri's thoughts with a message from Rear Admiral Flayton. Commander Kematsopoulos attends to this privately and returns to the bridge to make another entry for the day.


STARDATE 200012.04

Kematsopoulos here. Rear Admiral Flayton has contacted me and ordered that two severely injured civilians, one from Tureth and one from Galadon, be treated onboard the Eagle. This is highly unusual, to put it mildly. The Admiral stated unspecified reasons for the transfer.

The Admiral did however send a list of their injuries to Sickbay. Why are the injured being sent to us? I do not know yet. The base has far superior medical facilities. Perhaps the CMO will find some answers.

I have authorized the recall of leave for Dr. Graham Perkins to personally supervise this most unusual request.

I will have Science research the ships docked here. There seems to be a smaller number of Federation ships here than customary and a larger number of non-Federation vessels than usual for this Starbase. Perhaps we can find some answers out this way as to what is transpiring. Kematsopoulos out.



LT Schuler appears again in front of the Acting Captain, with another message from Rear Admiral Flayton. Nouri hopes this one would be more informative than the last. Earlier, the Admiral had a definite air of not wanting to answer any question. The Acting Captain leaves, takes the comm privately and returns. He opens the recording device again, making his final entry for the day.



STARDATE 200012.04

Kematsopoulos here. Rear Admiral Flayton has contacted me and ordered a new mission. The USS Eagle will transport and host negotiations between two hostile alien races, the Galadons and the Tureth. There is a long standing enmity between their races. Negotiations, etc., and general peace keeping duties will be most difficult. I will have Science and Cultural Affairs perform the necessary research for our visitors.

The Admiral has ordered that our first priority be the modifications to create suitable VIP quarters. Additionally, all of the outstanding engineering requests have been granted. Kematsopoulos out.



Nouri sits uncomfortably in the chair thinking, "There is more going on here than the Admiral is telling ... so much more. What can it be?? And why are there more questions than answers?"

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