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LT Anderson face, Human, Male, Red head, AENG for our Star Trek sim


Duty Log for 10/8 sims by Ralph1 & 10/

"The Twisted - Part 1 (of 1? pending)"

    Ralph runs around in circles.... Ahhhhh conduits here.... circuits there.... all on fire, tangled, spliced, short circuited, or just not working... an engineering nightmare this life support system is.  Ralph looks to the left where in engineering on the Eagle he would have someone helpful helping him. Here he had himself hardly handing his tools.  He would have to give up if things didn't start putting them selves together, which what was not occurring.  And then he thought of an idea....  He took out his communicator "Ralph to [name removed due to possibility of being framed or something weird]" .... the person told him that the script would be temporarily rewritten where 2 universes will collide temporarily and there will be two Ralph's to help him work out the cords.

    And that was how Ralph finally repaired (partially, pending fires that will cause circuits to be just as fried as they were before depending on Nouri's script conflictions which I dunno of) the ::BEEP! :: Star Trek RPG: Star Trek Sim: LOGS:More Questions than Answers Episode 10 [sensored]  life support system, lived happily ever after, was forced to throw his clone out an airlock or was it the clone that threw him out because there was no way for the clone to return and only one of them could stay alive, and continued to work in the engineering of the Star for the duration of the chain of sims.

Ensign Ralph: The Twisted [Part 2 and Final?]

Recap: The evil Ralph had just thrown Ralphie from this dimension out of the airlock, his dimension was obviously evil and he had wanted to escape it by pretending to be Ralph.  He is equally skilled and has the same personality as Ralph (thus over this time everyone thinks that it is truly me when it is not and causes no plot complications and can be put in at any time you wish).
The Ralph wiped his hands and a tear shed from his eye, but he shook it off saying it would be better that way, besides, if he was still alive he would have to go back into his dimension.  They would never catch on because I am after all the perfect Ralph in every way the other Ralph was.  He went back to repairing stuff on the Star.  Suddenly a thought overcame his mind, what if in this dimension the Star explodes or something, what would happen to me, he wonders.  Suddenly, out of the shadows comes another figure.
"What have you done?" said the figure barely visible...
"Wha---"  a thought comes over the Evil Ralphie... had this person seen him
throw the other Ralph out the airlock?   What would be the punishment in this universe for murder?  What will happen?  Time for a commercial break!
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.... TV Time Recycling
"Wha---"  a thought comes over the Evil Ralphie... had this person seen him
throw the other Ralph out the airlock?   What would be the punishment in
this universe for murder?  What will happen?
"You know what you have just done?"  asked the figure, now stepping out.
"Oh no!" gasped the Evil Ralphie, unsure but shocked at the same time.  The
figure was Ralph.... ahhhhhhhhhh drama!  "What is going on?  Has another
universe entered this one?"
"Not quite"  the other Ralph has his phaser drawn and pointed at E-Ralph, "here, like all evil mad scientists, I will explain what is going to
happen... or are you the evil scientist that should be doing the explaining? no matter, I saw what happened and understood fully"
If the evil Ralph could pronounce a question mark without a consonant before it, he did.
"Well, some time in the near future you will be warped back in time.  At
that time you will throw yourself out an airlock."
The evil Ralph laughed, "As though I would actually throw myself out an airlock!! Hah...?"
"Well of course you are, because it has already happened, you see, when you just threw me out that airlock you were actually throwing yourself out an airlock.  You better be prepared, it could happen any second... I believe your last words were as followed, just so you don't start a time paradox: 'ahhhh stop!  It's me!  You don't know what your are doing! Ahhhh wait I should
try saying something different to start a time paradox!  Oh ::BEEP!:: [sensored by Mr.Kemat]!
Nooooooooooooo.' so be ready because we don't know when..." the normal Ralph looks up to see that the Evil Ralph was gone and all was normal...

Executive Producer
Ralph Dudley


~Ralph: The Alternative Universe~

Location:  USS Star
 Ralph was working on the comm system, having minor successes occasionally. He was thinking a lot, as the human race should think for otherwise we wouldn't have been able to exist, or maybe if we still existed it just would have been weird...   In the comm circuits he saw figures, much like humans had used to, and some still do, look into the sky and make figures out of clouds.  Then he noticed there were no figures and that he was just making a wire-figure of a person.  Gwah, gotta do my job, he reminded himself.
Location: Earth [the alternative universe]     Ralph rushed to his job.... this was his 3rd time late, but it couldn't be helped.  After all, his ballerina lessons take priority as stated in section 4 of article 23 of the constitution of Klingons.  The Klingons had taken over all of Fredermation about 10 years back.  They were known as a kind race with knowledge of large destructive forces and a fetish for arts.     Everyone welcomed the takeover.  The Federation had declared bankruptcy and were selling Earth.  The Klingons had made it a more harmonious place.     After arriving at work, Ralph got on the consol and started looking for a good thing to air on UTV, the most popular shows to exist were played on the air.  The shows ranged from sci-fi to drama, depending on what was found on
the univer-scanner, which in theory scanned other universes and transmitted visually what was going on.
    His boss, known as Mr. Kemat was expecting a good sci-fi film to be ready by this afternoon so I had to do a more difficult task than normal. Dramas were easy because all you would need to do is find the coordinates of a planet in an alternative universe and scan the planet for eligible situations.  Sci-fis you would have to look into outer-space for people having adventures in the universe.
    Ralph was scanning and scanning when suddenly something caught his eye.
He zoomed in to see a space ship.  USS Eagle... and another one, USS Star.
The USS Star was not fully operational.  A perfect sci-fi film setting!

Location:  USS Star
    Ralph twiddles around with a few more circuits.  He notices a spot where they have been separated and reconnects them.  w00t.  He tests the comm again and has no success.  He picks his nose and flings the bugger away.

Location: UTV-HQ [the alternative universe]
    Ewww.... hmmm to edit that out of the final cut or not?  It could add some kind of character development for the viewers.  This decision may raise or lower the ratings... what to do?   Drop it.  He next zoomed into sickbay which was having problems of their own.  Wounded, killed(?), etc..  A suspenseful scene with a doctor trying to save someone's life.  Suddenly his phone rang.
    "Hello?" he asked.
    "Hello, Ralph, this is your boss, Mr. Kemat," ara! Was the deadline due already?  What was going to happen, "We would like to tell you that you are fired. We have already found an eligible candidate for our Sci-fi show we are going to sell to UPN with the label 'Star Trek'. Have a very nice day"     Indeed.  So the adventures of USS Eagle never will come to place on prime time TV.  Ralph tossed the tape to the side and left.

~200 years later
Ralph, the 8th in the line of people with the first name of Ralph, sat down to watch TV,  "And now.... UPN is proud to present a show which has been
lost for 200 years.  The Adventures of USS Eagle on... U P N"

Sirius South
   Ralph suddenly felt dizzy.  He tried to concentrate but couldn't.  Perhaps it was the situation.... or perhaps not, he'd never know.  He did know that he had been through a lot in not so much time.  From being chained to a wall, to pretending to be chained to a wall..... escaping from a fate that is now unknown, to be put into a situation where a prehistoric animal was looking for a snack.  Going through cavern-like places with strange indecipherable writing......

    Ralph shook his head Don't think about stuff that I can't do anything about he thought.... So he thought of something else.... What of that alien babe?  Yea, that's a good thought..... He thought of his love interest whom he barely knew, but a love interest is still a love interest, and she was pretty dam hot so that tips the score.  

    I wonder what she's doing now, Ralph reflected and suddenly didn't feel as bad.  He regained normal perception of things just in time to hear a pun about a light fixture which he was trying to construct.  Ralph grinned.

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